A Talon

Every Saturday night from 21.00, Radio Frequency (www.radiofrequencyfm.co.uk) brings you the infamous "Future Sessions" presented by yours truly.

Over the last 3 years, with each week that's passed "Future Sessions" has been going from strength to strength and is now (according to some) the only way to spend a Saturday evening. The show itself is wholly based around the art of unpredictability and as such, it's very difficult for me to explain exactly what it is you should expect when tuning in. Fact is, every time you lock on to the show, you're likely to be hearing something completely different to what you heard previously. I absolutely refuse to be tied down to one genre of drum and bass, and this means i tend to move around a lot. For me it's all about been able to slide seamlessly through styles and i've spent a very long time accumulating a selection of music diverse enough to make this work.

"Future Sessions" is a show specifically designed for the Junglists, the Liquid lovers, the intelligent massive, the dance-floor crew, the Darkside soldiers and even the jump-up headz!! It makes a point of catering for all styles of Drum and Bass so that no-one's left out. Afterall, it's all about the music!!!

On top of this, i like the show to be as interactive as possible. Simply because it's the listeners that make it all worthwhile. It's all about getting those texts in for a shout-out, request, or anything you might want to say. I try and make sure the listeners are as much a part of the show as the music and the presenter. To me, they're all equally important. It's nice to know that people want to be a part of what Radio Frequency is doing for the North, cos it's fucking BIG, and quite frankly, people should want to play their part in it and get involved.

Anyway, this is all just words, which don't mean very much. I'm all about the experience. Come join me sometime and make up your own mind about the show. Any feedback is welcome. Positive or otherwise.

Hope you can all make it. You won't be disappointed.

Remember...... 07722 958233. The all important hot-line number.

Peace, Love & "Future Sessions"