A sides - Tear VIP (eastside)


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Jan 30, 2002
Had to buy this track because the original was HUGE and definitely one of my favourites of last year. The remix is a bit of a let down really, just seems to lack the kick that the original had, but is still a good tune (bear in mind tear is one of the finest hardstep tracks ever).
The vocals are tweaked a bit and it lacks the bit where the amen comes crashing in over the vocal which was magic in the mix. It's a bit deeper and not as hard as the original but still worth having.
What sold it for me was that A sides had put 101 top notch breakbeats for sampling on the flipside which is of special interest to me and contained many I have been searching for.
This is also a picture disc but this gets on my tits really cos the vinyl is thick as anything and is annoying when cueing up and a nightmare for scratching with, throwing possibilities of a fast juggle with this and the original out of the window.
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