A-Sides - Busting Up Styles 2 (East Side 47)


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Mar 4, 2002
A-Sides - Busting Up Styles 2 (East Side 47)

Ok this is going to be the second time I write this review because the first time the DnB Forum decided to forget that I was logged in and so it lost my message because its evil and controled by Skelitor from Skull Mountain!!!

This was quite an unexpected buy. I only even bothered to listen to it cause I was bored at the record shop. The first three tunes I skipped the needle through did nothing for me and I was hoping the 4th tune would be boring too cause I didn't want to buy a double pack that only had 1 good tune on it. Well much to my surprise the 4th tune I put the needle on blew my mind! My jaw dropped, I started drooling, and my face turned beat red! I was hearing my favorite sound, the 1992 hands in the air 'Ardkore sound!!!! When I say "hands in the air" I'm not kidding! Theres some real high energy dance your ass off or die vibes in here! The tune I'm speaking of is called "Helsinki Nights" and its extremely cool. It features lush strings, "hands in the air" keyboard riffs, classic FM bass derived bass stabs, and a happy diva that must be rushing her butt off cause shes totaly rocking the rave vibe here. My only quam about this tune is the fact that it uses boring 2-step beats. I think the break from LTJ Bukem's "Horizons" would have been better suited to this track. Maybe we have to wait for the "VIP" remix for that? I'd also like to say this is the best A-Sides tune since "Spread Love" from last year at around this very same time.

Well after hearing this tune I skipped the needle through the other tunes to see if I could come up with an excuse for buying a double pack with only one good tune. Well as it turns out theres another nice tune here as well. Its called "Style" and it has a spooky 1993 'ardkore vibe going on in it. It uses some nice shuffling breakbeats in the intro and some amens latter on. The bass is the sustained sine wave type which is my favorite. The best part about this tune is the cheeky breakdown with the badly dubbed Kung Fu movie spoken word vocal samples.

"Well ehh.... your getting slacky there ehh...... hehehehehehe..... Don't be too cocky, you must a learn....hehehehehehe"

"Teacher!!!! What style is that??!! Whats it called?!??!"

"Its my own secret technique! hehehehehehe............... Try with me"

While all this going on theres this nice 'ardkore riff playing as well.

The other two tunes on this EP are nothing to rave about at all. They're really minimal and boring. They would probably sound at home in a Digital set as he tends to sometimes play boring tunes like these.

Bla bla bla, I'd say this EP is worth it for the "Helsinki Nights" alone even, its such a wicked tune, its very simmilar to Total Science's "Jet Set" and "Gravy Girls". Infact perhaps it was intended to be a copy cat tune. It doesn't bother me, "Jet Set" was one of my favorite tunes form last year. I wish more would copy Total Science's style actually. Better still I'd like to see unknown producers come out of the wood work with their own unique take on the 1992 vibe. :)


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Oct 25, 2004

Tried to send you a private message & an email, but was unable to.

I hope you don’t mind replying to your psot; the reason being , I come across your post/review of the A-Sides EP " Busting Up Styles 2 ". Now the reason I am in particularly interested in the EP is with the track " Style" purely down to one sample it contains, its the badly dubbed Japanese sample " Its my own secret technique”.

Now i have been in desperate search of this sample for years, you see another band I am a huge fan used the same sample when they play live, and I was always curious to find out the name of the film from which it was taken/sampled from. And then to my surprise i heard that a d&b track used the same sample, I was extremely excited.

Anyway enough of my ranting, would it be at all possible for you to encode the track "Style” from the EP, into a low bit rate mp3. So I would be then 100% sure that the track contains the sample, and will continue to purchase the EP, I have found a shop which sells the EP, just wanted to make sure it was the right track before I parted with the cash.

Any help would be appreciated, & i would be forever in your debt.



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Oct 25, 2004

Thanks for the reply and the Link M-Code, the track "Style" was the exact song i was looking for, with that Kung fu sample within it.

Unfortunatly the Kung fu sample isnt isolated on its own, does anyone own the Bustin Up Stylez 2 record by any chance, only reason i ask is, does it acknowledge where the sample was taken from the record ? .

Any help would be appreciated

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