A rookie appears

Hey guys, and girls of this forum. My name is Pavle, but most people know me as RunningWolf. I am newbie in music production (less than a year) and i never before made a DnB song. The reason i joined this forum is to find out something new about this genre of music, maybe learn something new i will use in my future projects, and when i collect enough knowledge i will share it with all of these people on the forum. I listen to all types of music, everything that my ear finds catchy and enjoyable i listen, that could be death metal, rap, acoustic, game and movie soundtracks, electronic music and many many more!

I know these songs are not DnB, but they are my best work so far, i hope i won't disappoint you (i am working on more electronic and dnb songs lately so i will post my efforts soon :)

Song i made with clean guitar, best so far :)
A techno...

Nice to meet you all :)