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Nov 25, 2010
hey guys, this is a bit of a read but maybe there's something interesting here.

so i'm a newcomer here and i'm really very, very interested in starting production in the electronic world, especially dnb. i'm actually a guitarist with jazz and classical training but my great love is metal and heavy bands such as tool, meshuggah, QOTSA, etc.

my friend and i are about to start doing some dnb production as we have a soundproof studio to work in and some cash to spend on some software and monitors etc. we are both disgustingly obsessed with noisia and follow them religiously. we are both overseas away from home right now but first thing when we get back is to set up a small studio and get to work.

i've been doing a fuckload of research into electronic music and the whole scene but i still feel like a novice. noisia and alix perez are the 2 dnb artists i know the most but i'm listening to more stuff all the time. i'm slowly working through tweakheadz.com (i guess you all know about it but if you don't...go there now.)

my main inspiration for wanting to get into dnb production is because of my interest in other music such as metal and shit like. i'm very interested in drums in general, there's nothing like a good sounding kit that grooves like shit.

there's a few things i wanna know.

is it possible to emulate and take the feel and groove of these styles of drumming and incorporate them into a nasty dnb song? i mean in production terms. i absolutely LOVE this busy style of drumming.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4bCWZjkrdw (the first minute or so is the best example, just ignore everything but the drums)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAU5o246VSA (the intro specifically)

even though these songs aren't in 4/4 i fucking dig the feel and busyness of what the drummers are doing and i think it would be insane if noisia or someone really good at producing explored crazy drumming more.

also, has anyone done any awesome dnb that is not in 4/4? i understand time sigs and the implications of altering the instinctive 4/4 groove that works so well in music but i think it would be awesome if someone tried something outrageous. i'm not trying to be a musical nerd douchebag here but listen to this and tell me it doesn't groove:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RelR85j09XY (listen to 2:05)

it's and 7/8 and whenever i hear this song i think of the most brutal dnb groove known to man but i dunno how to make it (yet). songs like shellshock from noisia come close to satisfying my drum needs but i think there is room for a lot more in dnb.

sorry for the life story and all. it's fucking late and i need to go to bed but i'm just interested to see what other people think about using metal rhythms in dnb and maybe even riff structures from bands like meshuggah for dark dirty bass riffs.
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Feb 8, 2002
yeah, heres a good example
current value, limewax, donny, dylan, audio, panacea etc, ask neomind he'll tell you all about it.

there are a few songs in other time sigs, digitals - scam is one of them, albeit not a very good one. its an amen tune in 1/3 or im not sure how to write it but tango style basically. was on metalheadz 5 i think.
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Nov 25, 2010
just saw that video on youtube about the amen break's history, quality shit.

vic acid by squarepusher has some fucking hectic drums.


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Feb 2, 2009
If you make anything be sure to post it up, I'd be interested to hear it.

I have thought about it sometimes, but I've never bothered to really try.

Tool were genious at using odd time sigs and still sounding really coherent. I don't listen to any metal these days, but I read on here I think that some of them use phrases that are funny numbers of beats or bars, but the underlying beat is still 4/4. You know like 7 beat riff repeated three times plus a 3 beat fill would play over 6 bars of 4/4 drums that sort of thing.

I guess if the intro and outro had a recognisable tempo so that djs could mix it the middle section could contain anything.
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