A Question bout my Stuff, and yours

Hey Guys,
my Name is Dennis, I produced electro/house for about 5 years, played heavy metal guitar till i was 16 (started with 8) and I'm 18 years old now. Got into the DnB Scene 2 years ago, looking up to Calyx, Teebee, Noisia, Mayhem but my heros in sounds are 16 BIT. (Check the Machine Gun Remix, if you havn't yet).
I produce since I am 13 or 14 and got loads of material now.
Got an Album out soon. But now I'm focusing on some hard DnB Eps.

I use reason, Logic, Ableton, Reaktor, CuBase, loads of VST Plugins (yeah, I bought them; ANTI illegal downloads) and the Roland Sh-201.
Will not write my whole studio down.

Now I'm new to this great forum, and I wanted you to let me know something about one of my songs.
Atm the song is called "The Fear" gonna be out soon.
Do you think the sound is not distorted enough or should I set some filters to it?

This thread should not present myself, this is for everyone who asks for some tipps on nearly finished songs.

Maybe I'll load some sounds to this forum, because Myspace sounds like a fcking piece of shit.

But here we go (the quality sucks, sounds like 32kbit or like "no highs no lows it must be Bose"

If you want to check other music of mine:
www.myspace.com/quatusmusic (Sampled Soul HipHop)
www.myspace.com/millerelectromusic (Electro/Trash)

Greetz to you all and hope u show some of your music too.
The scene needs new faces :)

i like the tune man ^^
sample is well creepy,the bass is proper filth,i like it ^^
more sub though but i suppose thats the quality
wanna hear that played loud at a rave or summit XD
but u should get advie off someone more skilled than me trust me loadsa that on this forum =)
i dnt think iits too distorted once agin someone more skilled :p


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welcome friend!! absolutly loving the sword samples and the atmosphere!!

bass and drum work is good.. i think mayb the drums need to be given some clarity, i think the snare you have is pretty weak. but the beat structure is great. bassline is really well structured aswell, heeps of potential in this track. it will probably take a while to bring your drums out properly but keep them coming. posting in the new talent and track reviews section is a great way for feedback and progress.

i like the harp/string switch up sounds nice man