A noob looking for suggestions! :)


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Sep 18, 2011
Hello, I'm one year old and have been producing music since about a month ago now.

This is a 155bpm D&B.... If anyone can tell me what specific sub-genre or whatever it is then I'd appreciate that.

What I'm looking for is suggestions of where I can improve the track and such. Thanks!

This is no longer a WIP. It's completed.

Still can make suggestions though, which I can bare in mind for other tracks.
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Ive seen that no one fancies helping you out here. i think its hard to say this is dnb as its 155. you have some good ideas but i think
the main thing is structure like ......intro, break ,drop ,break ,drop that kind of thing. by saying all this im not saying im the best producer in the world but this
sort of thing helps your tunes to sound more pro an they look better in wave for. just keep making more an more beats an enjoy it,you will make more tunes
your really happy with an look back an see your progression. COOLIO peace !

Thanks for a response. But, yeah.. It's a bit late now lol. I actually decided to go ahead and finish it off today. The track you heard was the final. It's just that I kept the soundcloud link the same.

I know it's not really DnB .. but it has elements in there that relate to DnB. :)
If You are interested in having a Dj spin your tracks then structure is crucial. If you could careless if a Dj spins your work or not then just let your track flow bro.
Hey, thanks. It does have sub-bass, it's just really feint? ;)

I will bare in mind that I need to add more bass.
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