A nice Stu Allan 1993 tribute mix.


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01). Cloud 9 "Call My Name (A.A.S. Remix)" (Moving Shadow 27) 1993
02). Tango & Ratty "Final Conflict" (TR001 Nu Urban Repress) 1993/2002
03). Auto-Plex "Raise Em' Up" (NMI basci2) 1993
04). DJ Edge "Compnded" (Edge Records*1) 1992
05). DJ Spice "The Groove" (Soapbar SBR008) 1993
06). Essence of Aura "Destiny" (Sublogic SLRV016) 1993/2011
07). Visa (Stu Allan) "Let Me See You Move '93" (MMR002) 1993
08). Roterdam Termination Source "Poing (Jump A Little Higher)" (Watts Music WR718) 1992
09). Tango & Fallout "Further Intrigue... (Intrigue Remix)" (TF002) 1993
10). Rhythm For Reasons "Grand National" (Formation FORMRP001) 1992/2000
11). Ron Wells "New Direction" (Basement BRSSCL1) 1992/2002
12). Nookie "The Sound of Music" (Reinforced Selector 12SEL6) 1993/1995
13). DMS "S.O.S. (Midnight Mix)" (Production House 046) 1993
14). DJ Kickstarter Crap "Solid Bass" (Obscure Records 002) 1993
15). Spectral "Touch Somebody (DJ Kickstarter Crap Remix)" (www.mpsvinyl.com) 1992/2019
16). Top Buzz (Ron Wells) "Living in the darkness" (Basement BRSS013) 1992
17). Catch (Stu Allan) "Raise Em' Higher" (Large Groove LGR1001) 1993
18). M.A.N.I.C. "D.A.T. Jungle" (Bass Zone Records DRUG002) 1993
19). Pete Parsons "Ghetto People" (Impact 008) 1993
20). Kev Bird & Ron Wells "Let's Turn It Out" (Sound Entity SENT1218) 1992/2018
21). Tango & Fallout "Further Intrigue... (Let Me See You Move Remix)" (TF002) 1993
22). Ron Wells "I.Q." (Sound Entity SENT1220/2) 1993/2019
23). J.D.S. "Reclassified" (www.mpsvinyl.com JDS001) 1993/2018

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i just went throught the content, you recreated a mix from 93, tune for tune, mix for mix?

thats fucking amazing, you are truly a possessed individual, i thought the fire in your heart would have gone out by now, but youre going just as strong as ever, arent you?


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Thanks logikz. No, I don't live in a city so the internet is slow as heck. I would if I could but it would be extremely infrequent anyway.

This mix isn't a full recreation, I don't have all the records Stu Allan plays in that set. Yes this is quite the hobby. I got re-energized to buy 1993 stuff as my friend recently passed away from cancer. He was really into this 1993 era. I have a mess of mixes to upload that I've been sitting on in this style. There's plenty more where this came from. I think the next one to go up is a re-creation of a 1993 Fabio set.