a new tune up

I like what you're trying to do. Not sure if it's particularly memorable as a track. It's more like mood music or something. Some of the sounds got a little repetitive by the end, maybe you could modulate them over time.
Overall pretty good tho.
yeah i am glad ya like this and iam still working on this and i wanna put some more bass stabs in the second part and i will put more modulation. but my poor old lap top is gonna melt down
so i will let ya no when i have finished this

but thanks for listen guys :wave:
Absolutely love at the beginning the way in which the bass goes two tones down to end up in the main recurring tone (ie, D, C, then the B# is only implied)... There is something very classical (in the good sense of the word, as in Mozartian) in the intro...

The way in which the song evolves is great, with the bass playing what would be expected in a lead...

Only thing I would personally reconsider is to add some grit when the bass becomes slightly more "leade-y"... it seems that is going into late 80's euphoria...

Other than that, brilliant!!

p$ btw I was referring to Toxic Angel here, me idiot! just noticed that you were referring to separate reality! :D
thank you for youre feed back its much appreciated

and toxic angel is one of my favourite tunes i have made
and theres a bit of a teebee influence there (his stuff from 2001,etc)
good intro man, drums sound nice and punchy as they creep in.

this track needs some more low end bass, and the snare needs more punch, its sorta getting lost a bit.

apart from that, top notch shit bro
thanks mate yeah i am working on perfecting the drums but yeah i learn as yeah go i think and my laptop is a few years old (allmost time to upgrade) but thanks for listening and myspace does not help either but yeah i am still working on this tune and its gonna have more low end bass and try and fine tune the drums a bit more

but yeah thanks again

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