a mix from me


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May 14, 2003
Here's something I did a little while ago.
Tried to put in a little something for everybody.
Feedback is appreciated. Kinda old, but what the hell...



1. Mars- Satisfaction- Tangent
2. Mathematics- Styles for Miles- Subtronix
3. Bluez & Bronco- Take No More- Defunked
4. Bebel Gilberto- So Nice (Marky & XRS Remix)
5. Dubtek- Got This Feeling- Dubtek
6. Menta- Sounds of the Future (Zinc Remix)- Bingo
7. Zinc- Just Roll It- True Playaz
8. Total Science- 3 Sugars- Advance
9. DJ Red- Cargo- Stealth
10. Raiden- Bulldoze- Transparent
11. Keaton & Hive- The Plague- Renegade Hardware
12. Tech Itch & Kemal- The Calling- Moving Shadow
13. Silent Witness- No U Turn 33 or 32
14. Friction & Concord Dawn- Autopsy- Hardware
15. Zero Tolerance- Brace- Subtitles
16. Illskillz- B There 4 U- Freak
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