A massive thankss!!!

I wud just like to say behalf of me nd my fellow drum n abss soldiers that this Site is great and wud like to say huge thank you to all the peeps that make this site happen!

I mean i use it almost everyday!! i almost cnt live without it just seeing ur story's of raves to the latest tunes to the reviews of raves even the jokes and the funny pics people have and to dwnloadin the latest tunes this site is quality!

wen i cum on this site I almost feel part of sumting like i feel like we're a unit supporting our music to the fullest i fuckin luv it!! haha

just fort that the dnbhedz that madee this deserve a pat on the back for there hard work to make this happen!
big up all the uploaders and the peeps that leave comments to entertain us all!!

yes i have gone on but i needed to say wat i feel bout this site! haha :D :D

peace out!


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dont say on behalf of your fellow dnb soldiers as alot of them have no manners ,there all about the image and couldnt careless ? but hay i thank u for coming forward and saying something ... props ...