A.M.C / Hazard / Callide / Rowney&more supporting Teksteppa-98 track out this monday!

Out on monday!!!!!!

Bringing a slice of dark dnb with their 2nd release, Blue Cheese Records plan to take the scene by storm. With DJ support already from the likes of Hazard, Mutated Forms & A.M.C its clear that Blue Cheese Records is a label that stands out among the rest.


Already having many solo releases under his belt mainly in the dubstep scene as well as releases as 1/3 of dark dnb trio Triple Sickz, Teksteppa is not a new face to the scene. A very versatile producer who can produce not only the darker side of dnb but also big dancefloor bangers!!

A: 98 Track
This one’s a banger!! A nice bit of dark dnb with a techy feel to it. This has been receiving a lot of DJ support from Hazard, A.M.C, Callide, Rowney & Mutated Forms.


AA: Enigma
Classic 90s samples, crashing amen breaks and a thumping bassline give this tune a very oldschool feel but with a modern twist.


Freek Presents: Deep, Dark n Dirty vol. 1 (mixtape)


Freek - Tear It Up (Dub)
A.M.C - Dreams (Dub)
Jubei - Patience feat. D-Bridge
Teksteppa - 98 Track (Blue Cheese Dub)
Spinline & Hydro - Blindfolded
Rockwell - Full Circle
Total Science, S.P.Y. & Lenzman - Narrow Margin
Skeptical - Be The One
A.M.C - Nemesis (Dub)
Proktah - Failure Notice
Triple Sickz - Re-Session (Blue Cheese Dub)
Nosia, Ed Rush & Optical - Brain Bucket
Freek - History (Density Dub)
>>>> Total Science - Scaremonger
Alix Perez - Loose Ends feat. Noisia

Teksteppa - 98 track / Enigma available from all good digital outlets including :


Released This Monday - 11/4/11