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NOEL - "GHOSTS" [fishrecordings / FISH035]

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RUSHCOW - "MTPV VIP" [fishrecordings / FISH036]

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X3MAL - "PLUTONIUM" [fishrecordings / FISH037]

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SEIBEL - "CRISSCROSS" [fishrecordings / FISH038]

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F CASTE - "SHADOW ILLNESS" [fishrecordings / FISH039]

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DISTURBANCE - "OATH" [fishrecordings / FISH040]

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label info:
producer magazine: When did "fish recordings" start?

mc moby dick: dj zoidberg had the idea about the name for the label
on a party in 2009. so, he told me about the idea, i liked it and so we
joint forces as i have some experiences with such (and he is a bloody noob!).
dj zoidberg: the first release came up on the net about half a year later
(in october 2009).

producer magazine: Why did you want to start your own label and how did you
come up with this name?

dj zoidberg: as said, i had the idea during a party. i was a little drunk and i
started thinking about putting out tracks nobody else wanted to put out
(so called "fish music").
mc moby dick: LOL, a little drunk?! you was totally wasted. usually you act
like a "fish" then (just for those who dont know: in some parts of southern
germany you call somebody a "fish" if you dont like him or if he is a friend
of you and does silly actions. like me calling dj zoidberg a "fish" 15 times a
day because he deserves it :D)

producer magazine: "fish recordings" has risen to become on of the most respected
dnb labels in the world. how would you describe the philosophy or mission of
"fish recordings"? What distinguishes it from the rest and makes it stand out?

mc moby dick: yes indeed. the label is that famous that every kid from uzbekistan
to simbabwe knows it and the owners behind it :D just kidding. in fact fish recordings
is at the start of something and not that well known due to the fact that we started
it only some months ago but the idea behind it is pretty unique and outstanding:
bring back some fun to the dnb world. if you read our pr-texts about the releases you
will see that we do not take ourselves too serious and try to be funny instead of grimey.
also, the first artworks and visual presentations were colourful, not dark (and of course
very shitty LOL).

dj zoidberg: of course they were shitty, because i made them LOL.

mc moby dick: after some time, we realized a new artwork design (after we found out
that the old one is crap) which upgraded the whole image a lot.

dj zoidberg: the one who helped us a lot with artwork is a guy called lex melamin who
has nothing to do with this magazine at all :D (we are pretty sure that this interview
came along because we are that cool guys and not because we have a working
relationship with lex melamin!)

producer magazine: How do you manage to compete with nowadays hundreds of labels?
Do you have any real competitors?

mc moby dick: like slick rick (famous us hiphop mc) said in 1985: "there is no
competition cause we are the best!" no, hehe, just kidding again. there are a lot
of free labels coming out of the dark lately but we release anthem only :D so we
do not need to hide!

producer magazine: How has "fish recordings" musically evolved over the last months?

mc moby dick: as fish recordings exists only for some months there is no real evolvement.
ah, wait! OF COURSE FISH RECORDINGS EVOLVED A LOT: at first we tried to release
frank zappa and now we love tricky pat and brandon miles and bring them out...

producer magazine: Do you have any sub-labels?

dj zoidberg: nope. but of course it is planned to have sublabels: one for samoan dubstep
(as everybody produces and releases dubstep at the moment and so we can not resist
LOL plus i know some awesome maori dubstep producers)...

mc moby dick: ...and one for jamaican grindcore/death metal (my long time partner in
crime and metal band manager igor brutalinsky has some quality contacts!) and also
one for inuit-hip hop (not well known in the world but will be because we will bring out
the next epic crew called "fish finger mcees" straight outta igloo) in the near future.
coming soon at you, so watch out!!!

producer magazine: What sub-genres of DnB do you release?

mc moby dick: all?!? we have a slight focus on techno dnb (yes, the music without any
bass LOL) and neuro funk (to keep the chicks away LOL) and some experimental deep
shit (dont believe the hype LOL).

producer magazine: What's your personal favourite dnb sub-genre?

mc moby dick: any?!? hehe, but dj zoidberg is not very openminded and does not like
jump up and liquid at all.

dj zoidberg: I HATE JUMP UP AND LIQUID!!! i need a big bassline and banging blunt beats.
mc moby dick is not very demanding: he likes nearly every dnb (from deeper affairs to hard
stuff) and some (me, for example :D) call him a tasteless hack.

producer magazine: Tell us a little about your own background...

mc moby dick: LOL! you dont want to know and you dont need to know :D

producer magazine: How do you manage your time? How many people are behind "fish recordings"?
How is your average label-work-day structured?

dj zoidberg: we do not really work a lot for the label. we got better shit to do :D especially
i spend a lot of time for the important things in life: smoking a lot of the sticky icky, drinking
loads of beer, watching adult flicks and playing video games.

mc moby dick: i am always on the run to please some girls. i really like them girls ;)

producer magazine: If you could sum up the sound of "fish recordings" for someone who's never
heard a track from the label, how would you describe it?

dj zoidberg: basically it is always hard to describe music but in this case i would try to describe
it like that: crazy beats for crazy people :D. just check our myspace for some clips and the
full downloads of our releases and listen and make your
own opinion...

producer magazine: What does it take for an artist to be signed by "fish recordings"?
What are the factors you consider when working with an artist?

mc moby dick: just pay us a hundred bucks and we will sign you LOL. seriously we are searching
for stuff that is worth to be heard by some people. it is important to have some unique ideas in
your tracks and not only a known name. we think that this is a good platform to give newcomers
and less known names a chance to make some noize :D

dj zoidberg: ...or pay us a hundred bucks :D

producer magazine: You've been adding a lot of talent to the label and have helped a lot of upcoming
artists gain more exposure internationally. Who are some of the artists that "fish recordings" is
working with these days?

mc moby dick: so far we worked with guys like mefjus, kaiza, brandon miles and tricky pat,
try and error, valevo, isotop, shots, switch technique, digital soul, ogonek, stereotype, eRRe,
acid_lab, air j, melamin, proton kid, j switch, kriotek, cvi, nufojah, roomoff, ultracode and others.

dj zoidberg: you were asked to name some, not all :D

mc moby dick: so what? these are not all! and besides: why havent you answered the question?
douchebag LOL!

producer magazine: What methods do you use to promote the artists signed on your label?
Do you look yourself for new artists or you get hundreds of demos to choose from?

dj zoidberg: yeah, we get thousands of demos every day LOL. from russia basicaly LOLOL...

mc moby dick: yeah, and i have to check them because you is a very lazy guy and let me do that
kinds of stuff (besides that you pretend to have no knowledge about dnb and therefor can not
judge appropriately!)

dj zoidberg: ...and we look for tunes of artists we like. but if you want to send some demo be sure
to send full tunes in full quality and maybe use our sondcloud-dropbox or hit us up on myspace!

mc moby dick: to promote we use myspace, soundcloud and sonicsquirrel. we spam nearly
70 dnb-boards all over the globe and really get a lot of new friends there :D .

producer magazine: Are you conscious of musical trends?

mc moby dick: yes, of course!

dj zoidberg: no, of course not!

producer magazine: Concerning parties and live stuff, what is happening with the type of stuff
"fish recordings" releases?

dj zoidberg: i think most of the tracks are made for the dancefloor and i think they do well there.
some others are interesting for collectors, nerds and poor people (who can not spend money on
music). oh, and of course it is also interesting for the rippers, leechers and the rest of the illegal
download scene, because you can easily get your hands on it LOL!

mc moby dick: i dont know whats happening with those tracks. but maybe some people use them
for their mixes, show their friends and jack off on them :D

producer magazine: Do you have any plans for artists on "fish recordings" performing in europe,
USA or UK soon?

mc moby dick: sure! we especially like the idea of a worldtour. we currently negotiate with some
tour-managments because our artists are very special and so they have some pretty outstanding
ideas for transport (they only use hovercrafts to get to the gigs), accomodation (most artists prefer
to sleep in tents: usually 7 stars or more comfort) and catering (nobody plays without cranberry-juice!)...

producer magazine: Do you play live, dj or both?

dj zoidberg: i only play poker :D

mc moby dick: and i pre-record my lyrics and when i have a gig i do a full playback LOOOOL

dj zoidberg: to be honest we are not too good in playing live but we have some close friends we can
get to parties: so if you are interested to book some we surely get you the contacts. just hit us up!

producer magazine: Tell us about some of your upcoming projects, forthcoming releases and future plans?

mc moby dick: we try to surrender the world and we want to have big money!

dj zoidberg: yeah? why the heck are we releasing all this music for free then? ah nevermind, also we
are planning to do a dj-mix-podcast with various guest djs and maybe some fish recordings anniversary
compilation. look out for all this!

mc moby dick: you always make big plans and talk a lot about it, stupid moron. what about working
for it?
producer magazine: Your top 10 favourite tunes put out on "fish recordings"?

dj zoidberg: that is a tough question but if i had to choose ten i go for the following ones in no
particular order:

brandon miles + tricky pat - ghost heart FISH008A
brandon miles + tricky pat - digi b slap FISH008B
ogonek - brome FISH012
eRRe - meat with tomatoes FISH018
acid_lab - prologue FISH021
air j - blocking thoughts FISH023
melamin - legion FISH024
proton kid - before us FISH025
mefjus + CHE - dr satan FISH031
kriotek - fan ep FISH033

mc moby dick: well, would be hard for me if my brain would be small like zoidberg`s but as it
aint thats an easy question:

bad company - the eight
adam f - circuses
roni size - slapshot
dillinja - time to get funny
spor - carin`s march
ed rush/optical - chubchub
take that - back for good (noisia rmx)
chase/status+50 cent+eminem - bullets
sub focus - can all this be?
kemal/rob data aka konflict - the mommy

producer magazine: Can you tell us what it takes to create a label like "fish recordings"?
If someone wants to build his own label, what kind of stuff will you tell them to consider
first before implementing their plans?

dj zoidberg: to create a label like "fish recordings" you need a lot of drugs and alcohol,
believe me :D

mc moby dick: come on you dumbass give some serious advices!

dj zoidberg: the best plan is to have no plan LOL

mc moby dick: i cant stand this any longer! i am out!

dj zoidberg: allrightee, check out:

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