Multi Genre A little tip for breaks in Logic

EZ all, I'm not sure if this has been posted before but I thought i'd share it anyway. This is a great tip for making a break "your own" I used an REX loop when i found this out:

Firstly load your break onto a new audio track,

Then double click the loop

This will show you the individual slices of the REX loop, the interface still looks like the arrange window, but it only controls arrangment within the loop itself

Next create some audio tracks within the sample arrangement interface and drag each slice onto its own track, you could also group slices i.e. kicks on one track etc.

Now the slices are seperate you can add proccessing and fx to different parts of the break, i.e compress and eq the snares, kicks, percussion, distort certain things, move stuff around to create fills... the list is endless.

When clicking the arrow in the top left hand corner of the arrange page you will be returned to the main arrange screen where the rest of your tracks are and the changes you made to the loop will have been applied. you can make further changes just by double clicking the loop and all will be as it was when you last left it.

Hope this is helpful to someone in some way! :)