A little sumthin

hey good to see another guy from chichester in the production forums!!!! :cheerlead

this clip is ok, good ideas but the technical side of things needs a little more work..... it reminds me alot of some other stuff i heard from dnb producers in chichester....

Chi is getting it's own sound woo!! and it's clownstep!!! :cry:
Easy 69th - How tricks? Aint seen you in time!

Glad to see you getting your production together!

The intro has nice feel to it an the melody works real well.
The drums at the break need proper fattening up (by putting a break behind the drums would be easy way).
The bass melody it tight - Affliction has a point wiv the twisted style bass, it would suit this to a tee!.

Be interested to hear the complete version when you get it done!

it sounds rather static. your basslines i mean. that intro tune is nice! much better than those three tunes i saw from you. (this must be an old thread i'm playing in but so what).
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