a little brain fart ...


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Feb 8, 2008
just let one off, - too hiphop beat...

needs brushing up abit, tatty round the edges and all,im half pissed and bored os here goes .. and it does flow well even if it doesnt look like its in bars ..

Clenched fist propagandist,
chat raw standard,
Pedantic i scribble scripts and raise the ante
Take you on big trips like am double dipped
Blitz the lip sync grins sink on instinct
it clicked after a minute you bin thinkin,
“Whats he on about”
Time travellin, lived in the lands of Grim now am back agen,
Captain jack sparrow limp,
conjoined twin of the Grinch,
sinister motives voted,
hopelessly demoted smoking the roach,
and its bin time since my belly felt bloated,
but I keep this focused and roast lust,
copulate with my palm to toast us,
boast the same stuff, switch to spit wrongs,
me without dope beats to spit on,
is like the taxman without broke peeps to shit on,
tryna break thru the scene an leave still breathing,
If you don’t hear another verse I predict grieving,
Withdrawel feelins,
Ears bleedin watchin a baby crawling the ceiling,
head spinnin 180, like Ewan McGregor screams thru the cleaning,
an am the strange singer on the dancefloor,
The mis-fit Celebratin the fact I been enhanced more
Crowds gettin paro like cctv
They locked on my moves like a new pair of d.c.
They stocked on the booze
numbin there heads like t.c.p, i agree it aint easy
When the lights so dim ya cant see to speak freely,
Watch me, attention stand at ease now,
Before ya dreams drown
in the town ive seen frowns, surround these grounds.

im not going to give up the day job dont worry.. just a fuck about to be fair .. :rinsed:

fail it may be , but i enjoy it ..
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Yeah I like it, post some more. We need a thread like this. Brofskis one was just people slagging each other off. A proper lyrics thread is needed.
Technology at the tips of my fingers
the spirits within will spit a lyric that lingers
and spray corrosive paint thinner on a minger with a black card
if you act hard youll get buried in a back yard
this samples takin over the mantle
i'll beat you even when i run the race in sandals
corrupt vandal is about to manhandle the business
side of things so bear witness
is this tricks an sorcery the verse is causing me
to wrap it up quick in a story
about you an about me the redman
an dindan an a ashtray for S.B.
storm and jd an eventually eksy
the herbs and chemicals on the way did affect me
we flipped the car i blame you directly
but you havent lost any respect b
ok back to plan with the matter of facts
the patter of small feet is on my ear wax
can you hear that it scares me
am still a kiddie with a shottie an a couple of e's
this is a brain fart believe
i block main veins and arteries, chimpanzees
are nodding their heads to me
cos genetically speaking were family
amsterdamn is an anagram of anarchy
when the lens pans to me i get panicky
an when the light shines on you, you get panicky
paranoia settin in at 23 am gettin out your lettin me
so get in the real ride
begin the real life
dont grab the steering wheel this time
your not blind to the signs on the road
the cats eyes guide you through the night.
look at the world the big garden of eden
adam is a balaclava toting madman
middle east seething,religious things they believe in
arent appealing ther'ye greiveing
eve is pocket thief tramping out on the streets
she's pinching peeps gold and silver
she's pinching peeps hard earned savings
mother natures craving wants taming
big bad apes
with silicone chips and petrol engines
dont get hemmed in
with the lemmings and feminines in general
its mental, unrelentless
i ride this ryhme till the beat suspends
or maybe if i'm lucky this world ends
like an ape am humping three girlfriends
my girlfriend and your girlfriend and his girlfriend
fucking funny the first one braah .all true .. gotta love the jd.. like cats eyes in the road at night .. in his prime it would of bin ace to sit him in your front room feed him a huge crack rock in a bong and listen to him jibberjabberjibberish-ish
that was all my mornings work.....

my job is so boring. i can honestly say i get paid for nothing.
no stranger to the rain,
tonight it's pouring down,
forever crying, will it stop?
beating further into the ground.
if i hold my head up high,
will i make it to tomorrow?
and just with a little luck
it will was away my sorrow.
why do we have to die?
why do we have to leave?
why are we dying,
from the moment we are concieved.
why do we live this life,
just to leave it all behind.
all in all, what was the point,
in creating this mankind.
i like it souljah, thought provoking, for such a short caption youve hit the nail on the head.. wang it into a song, its nice and depressing like most good song :) , keep up comin soph.
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