>> A little bit of Icestep for Xmas dJ fLiCkY <<


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Oct 10, 2007
London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
This shit had brought many a smile to my face in 2008, named by Riisu as Icestep i think that is the perfect name for this genre!! Enjoy and Happy Xmas!! This shit is COOOLD!! BRrrrrrrrr :gaywhite:


Spartan - Icicle
Headless Housefly - Proxima & Nympho
Franky Mountain - Icicle & Nympho
Just a moment - Icicle
Cybernetic disorder - Nympho
A Crunched world - Mindmapper
Artisan - Lomax
Vital Signs - Proxima
Rack it - Commix
Adrift - Icicle & Nympho
Critical Force - Proxima
Late Hourz VIP - Icicle
Knock Knock -Proxima & Nympho
Clear for launch - Proxima
Profiler - Lomax
Body Language - Icicle
Sound Byte - Commix
The Echelon form - Icicle & Proxima
infectious Funk - Icicle
Layers - Proxima


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Mar 15, 2007
raglan, nz

i'm liking the look of this mix. and i have to say flicky, it's because you don't tease your whole record collection over the top of it. it's meant as constructive crticism, but that has put me off downloading your mixes before. i know you're good, we all do, but you don't need to be andy c everytime you get on your decks at home.

anyway, like i said, i'm not having a go, and i am looking forward to this mix, because it's something a little different.


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May 21, 2007
i don't even remember naming it icestep, but if you wana lay that title on me, i'll take it!
'pon the d/l

i might buss out a mini mix later today possibly. i'm feelin a bit fruity.

edit - my only critisism is - use dnbshare.


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Jul 16, 2008
Woot icestep mix. Thanks.
by the way it wasn't Riisu who coined it. It was Greg P.

That is a good question though innit...

Too upfront to be called liquid, definately not Jump Up, Techstep or Neuro, not upfront enough to call it Dancefloor...

Ice-step? (because it's harder liquid geddit?)

Fuck knows man, maybe we should just call it something outlandish and crazy, like Drum and Bass or something...
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