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New for 2010 is my new weekly friday night show 9pm - 10.30 on www.krisisdnb.com , bringing the biggest tracks around and repping all the n/w artists new material.





Started DJing in 1991 playing hardcore, stuff like Insomniac,LFO,Raging Rockers and Urban Shakedown etc getting residency at clubs in my then home of the Isle of Man . Slowly progressing musically and mixing wise I started finding the IOM a pretty bad place to be DJing Jungle techno as it was called back in the day so I decided to move over to England/Blackpool in the summer of 93 to further my career. I was pretty lucky to get work straight away over here playing Jungle at a club in Preston called the Gatsby. This was the original Jungle movement of Preston ! While working on those nights I used to have a little go on the mic now and again nothing too serious just having a laugh copying Bassmans and Robbie Dee’s lyrics.
Having been in Blackpool for a few months I hooked up with Barry (Funki-B) and Rikkee as they were running local events/nights playing Hardcore/Jungle (Dreamstate). One thing lead to another and i evntually became resident at the Dreamstate nights at Morecambe’s Dome getting to work with the likes of Top Buzz, Nookie, Tango, Donovan Badboy Smith, Grooverider, Mickey Finn and Easy groove to name a few which was exactly why I was over here. We did the Dome for a few weeks and I was mcing regularly now as well as DJing and actually got to MC for Top Buzz on the first night of the Dome for their full hour set which to this day I still feel was one of my career highlights, being on stage with Mickey B and Jason Jay who were hero’s to me back then, was an honour and just plain surreal.
I was now Mcing every week through 94 -97 as a true bonafide original Fever Crew Resident @ Sequins then Barristers and finally the Cooler which all ended up being legendary events in the n/w of England.
During the Barristers era I was back on the decks again playing the hardcore circuit at our own Fever events and nights like Bouncy in Sheff and United Dance etc playing weekly with the likes of Seduction, Vibes, Dougal, also Hixxy and Brisk to whom I’m still friends with today.
During all this time I have always been into Drum + Bass, and Jungle playing at various events around the country like the legendary Bowlers/Life events,Communication,Cape Fear, Unity ,Caper and Dope in Leeds.
Nowadays I’m playing weekly at various old school events and reunion nights as well as various Drum + Bass events including manchesters OMG , Hysteria , Heavy Rotation,Decibel,Subwoofah,Pick and Mix,Self Help and hold residency at Junkbox and Breakout in Blackpool. Along side all this is my Souljah Sessions radio show bi wed at 10pm on 102.8 Chorley fm which has been backed by all the main players in the North west of england and also my show The Information Centre" on krisisdnb every friday 9-10-30pm always showcasing brand new tracks and supporting the n/w producers.