A few tracks I have been working on

Mr Fletch

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@ Eternity - at around the 50 second marker you have some phase issues, cant work out if its on the bass or the synth. Whole track sounds a little muddy in the midrange area too. And overall far to cheddar for drum and bass!

@ National Attenuation - main synth is too raspy, got good rythym on this one, but just sounds too farty! clears after around 20 seconds so maybe it's some FX you were using at the start. Not sure about the drop, may have sounded better if you had kept it as a house track, instead of switching up to the DnB break.

@ Corner - Promising start, nice vox, good string work. Quite a chilled out vibe, I like this one better than the other two. Just finish it off by bringing that rolling sub bass out in the mix a little more.
the first track is quite distorted in the mids, work on eqing your beats properly so that there is none of this, dont particularly like the vox but may work ok in a more downtempo track.
national attenuation has potential, quite like the piano, drop is really bad how fast??? sorry but thats a bit too crazy..
may have worked better keeping the intro beat.