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like most of you, ive seen all there is to see regarding dnb when it comes to documentaries and its pretty bland but there are a few gems out there. please let me know if i missed anything.

dnb arena dvd, pretty foody for an arena thing really, its long and got tons of content:

all black jungle documentary, fucking amazing. contemporary with shyfx wearing a tucked jeans shirt and a bula cap, real roots reggae rock stuff. nutta is still nutta and performs live:

modern times, showing a modern good looking crew on tour in different parts of the world with their minder, tony, who is the antithesis of bukems music and mc conrad clearly had an alcohol problem amongst other things, fuck he is such a mess on here:

roni size and reprazent documentary from their heyday:

THE DADDY OF DRUM AND BASS DOCUMENTARIES, i give you lola da music with source direct from their exorcize the daemons album, photek circa rings of saturn times, going by the stuff he showcases and mad mad idm professor squarepusher, the voiceover is in dutch but its mainly in english:

sounds of west bristol, jungle documentary circa 1996, good stuff:

finally, two times pirate radio documentaries:
kool fm

24 hour jungle pirate radio


Talking Headz with Dillinja in the studio will always be my favourite. Just hearing the creation of those bass sounds and watching his creative process. Always fires me up.

Also LOL at Twisted Individual in that 03 DNBArena one. His studio, the way he talks, the way he makes tunes etc, all of it