A crappy situation

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    Jan 27, 2010
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    So basically im going to be homeless for 5 months.
    (I'm sub-letting my flat to a mate so I can save money for college next term)
    This is seemed like a great idea just crashing on different sofas while doing my normal work and not spending any of it on rent but...

    I just realised that im not going to be able to take my decks with me :(

    So as a cut and paste solution this is what I had figured.

    Laptop, crappy portable speakers, some form of midi controller and a program.

    So ive got a couple of questions as Ive never dealt with the digital world before.

    Are there any really cheap midi controllers that have jog wheels a mixer and a headphone out in the same thing?

    if so then can I just plug it in and some speakers into my paptop and away I go?

    next question: which program is super cheap and can they be used with an internal soundcard. I wanted serato but very quickly realised that you have to have the special sound card.

    next question: if no midi controllers have the above specs then how can I sort my problem?

    my budget is £100 at a push more like £50

    I realise that this sort of solution is going to be crappy sound quality, with no bass. but at least ill have a sort of portable dj station that I can continue to practice with.

    cheers boys, god I can't wait to go home!