a challenge to all the heads out there...


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Apr 22, 2008
Hey guys, what's up? I got a crazy mix from last year's Halloween with Shimon droppin the fattest tunes all night... I know alot of the tracks played but need help coming up with the tracklisting for this deadly set... any help? Think of it as a challenge...!

here's a link for you if you wanna checkout the set.. it really is worth downloading if you ask me, but u can stream it if u just wanna do that...


enjoy the tunage and see if you can help make this tracklist happen!

Cheers and much love!

Chase & Status - Smash TV
Noisia - Crank
Pendulum - Voyger VIP?
Dirtyfonics - French Fuck
Noisia - Diplodocus
Chase & Status - Music Club
Dirtyfonics - Bonus Level
Chase & Status - Streetlife
Xample Ft Lomax - Contra
Dirtyfonics - Quark
Subfocus - Timewarp
Culture Shock - Kronix
Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction
Distorted Minds - Ghost Town
Ram trilogy - screamer vip
Ebony Dubsters - Ra (Original Sin Rmx)
Lomax - Keep their heads ringing
Shimon - Crossbow
????? - know what it is just cant for the life of me

Upbeats Ft Noisia - Creep Out
Xample - Heaven & Hell Vip
Shy Fx - Bambaata (Break Rmx)
Shinichi Osawa - Star guitar (Brookes Brothers remix)
Culture Shock - Vice Chase
Shimon & Sparfunk - Snake Charmer
Benga & Coki - Night Zinc Rmx
Chase & Status - Eastern Jam
Dirtyfonics - Quark (again.......)
????? - Again, know what it is just cant remember
Chase & Status Ft Plan B - Pieces
Die & Clipz - Number one (roni size vip)
DJ Hazard - Mr Happy
Chase & Status - Take Me Away
Andy C - Nightflight
Subfocus - Triple X
Shimon - The Smoker

Hopefully Sc0tty can finish this off, there are loads of tunes on there I know but cant remember because its 12.24 at night and iv been drinking.

Somebody please help me with this list i need to complete 80% of it to post it on a blog... any help?... guys? gals??


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