a bit of info from myself!


ez all!

been a while since i posted here. beer pretty busy with everything really. here's the lowdown on whats happening...

i am taking on a new alias for my future stuff on the liquid tip. the project is called "crescent". this is to keep the harder stuff i've released as "stare" separate from the new stuff. so anyway, i've got a couple of tunes coming on the mighty renegade recordings soon. first one is "how i need you" on renegade rollers part 5 and after that a 12" single featuring "right there" and "down inside". hopefully still happening are the tunes signed by intercom/hard-pressed... the release dates are uncertain as of yet, but it shouldn't be too long i hope.

you can check the tunes HERE

otherwise i'll be doing a mini-tour of germany at the end of october including locations like hamburg and mannheim amongst others... so if you're in the area check it out!

peace & love!

crescent / stare