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I'm Rolaz, an up and coming D&B and Dubstep producer recently signed to Wonked Records. My debut D&B E.P "out now" is entitled "A.B.H." (Actually Bodily Harm) (yn)

Link to 47 Tracks Dubstep, Drumstep, Jungle & DnB on Soundcloud including FREE downloads and links to more FREE downloads. :slayer:

WoNKed is a fresh new label directed at up and coming producers and tomorrows heroes of the jackin house, Dirty electro, Breaks, DNB and Heavy Bass music scene. We as a label are essentially about the dirtier side of house which is coming out of the underground scene and making a mark on many dancefloors worldwide. Essentially we are looking for new fresh on the scene individuals who are hungry to make their mark and showcase there skill on our label. I'm also the guy who listens to all the new D&B tracks sent to Wonked Records. :mkay: We are currently signing D&B and Electro producers across the world. ..now for the grand finale.

Elek Tronique™ is a new electronic dance music magazine TV show/documentary; ‘Docu-Zine’, which focuses on genres; House, Techno, Electro, Drum & Bass and Dub Step. The show is built around a series of interviews with various music artists; DJ’s/producers/MC’s within the above genres from various places within UK and across the globe.

Our show and project is purely about the music, the people who produce, mix and promote it. The original concept of the show was to document and showcase artists, venues, events and labels, only within House, Techno, Dub Step, Electro and Drum & Bass music. We wanted to feature artists from various musical backgrounds and not just all the well known ‘superstar’ DJ’s but with also new DJ’s and producers who have recently come through. This variety of artists, genres, backgrounds, production techniques and music style is what Elek Tronique™ respected and wanted to showcase.

I have been fortunate enough to interview over 30 amazing artists/producers/DJ's for Elek Tronique™ from Skream, Breakage, DJ Hype, DJ Marky, Ratpack, DJ N-Type, Caspa & Rod Azlan, Lemon D, Danny Byrd, Virus Syndicate, Andy C & MC GQ, Aphrodite, Micky Finn, Sub Focus..... the list goes on and on and we're still going strong. :lickface:

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Below is the full 33min interview at Ray Keith's home studio o_O

Rolaz interviews Ray Keith. Elek Tronique™


Click this link for more artists links, info, videos and promos on Elek Tronique™
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