A big Hello from Rantoul/ Goodlooking Record's


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It was growing up through his breakdance days of the 1980's and then into his "graffitti carrer" shall we call it,that moulded Ian Rantoul into underground culture.This led him to be an influential player in the Drum & Bass scene.
Dreamscape 5 @ evolution ,bond street ,hull on friday the 18th Dcember 1992 is when Rantoul first discovered rave.This led to Rantoul getting Technique 1210's and wanting to become a dj. "I remember making mix tapes and sending them to Drum & Bass night's like Dreamscape,Fantazia and Quest,just to name a few,but soon realised you had to have your own track's to be part of the dj scene, " he recall's.Realising this,Rantoul set upon getting the right equipment to start making his own track's whilst Dj'ing at local club's in the North of England.
It wasn't until 1998 that Rantoul would get his first real taste of being a Dj and Producer when he signed up to Ltj Bukem's label "Goodlooking Record's "
After touring America,Europe and the uk for 3 year's with ltj bukem on progression session and logical progression tour's,Rantoul unfortunatly had to take time out to help with the family buisness.This took him out of the drum & bass scene for some time.But now with a fresh start and new goal's ahead,Rantoul has set his sight's to become one of the influential name's in Drum & Bass again.