A 4 hour journey through the golden era of drum & bass


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Jul 3, 2005
High Wycombe Village
A 4 hour journey through the golden era of drum & bass

jam one <<< source

An all digital d&b mix of the moody tunes (no cheese) from the golden era of drum & bass imo. It took a few years and a lot of help from people I know to get the tracks on this mix.
4 years over 4 hours and if you have soundforge it even has track markers imbedded in the mp3 to split it over 3 cds.

01 phantom force by phantom audio
02 lsd by mampi swift
03 brutal by ray keith
04 all aboard by cybertron
05 we enter rmx by optical & ryme tyme.
06 facts of life by total science
07 grunge 2 by bad company
08 numbers by bad company
09 strangeled duck rmx by origin unknown
10 disturbed by zinc
11 jungle jungle by total science
12 remote control by phantom audio
13 stigmata by drumsound and bassline smith
14 dirt by johnny l
15 room service by total science
16 skirmish by shimon & andy c
17 squash by total science
18 firewire by shimon & andy c
19 no smoking by total science
20 brainscan by bad company
21 messiah by konflict
22 titan vs nutta vip by ram trilogy
23 can't punish me by dom & roland
24 move vip by rymetyme & trace
25 detroit blues by dj reality
26 out of control by spirit
27 death march by loxy & dylan
28 samewayz by scorpio
29 cybertron by cybertron
30 gateman by digital
31 deadline by digital
32 nitrous by bad company
33 just warming up by dillinja
34 whiplash by future cut
35 fly away by origin unknown
36 mindscan by ed rush n optical
37 hotspot by total science
38 fire and water by calibre
39 ancoats 2 zambia rmx by dillinja
40 busted by future cut
41 temerament by matrix
42 our disease tera by breakbeat era
43 serious sounds rmx by pascal
44 tribute by krust
45 somethings out there rmx by danny c
46 tudor rose by capone
47 terminal 2 by ram trilogy
48 equinox by origin unknown
49 up all night (epic mix) john b
50 rollerball by die
51 fantasy by brockie & ed solo
52 side effects by kraken
53 killa bee's (optical & fierce remix)
54 drop bear by die
55 where's jack the ripper rmx by origin unknown
56 nasty ways by cybertron

Epic isn't the word!!! big up kosine & stimpy for plenty album cd's, big up the groovegran for the promo cd's and md's and anyone else I may have forgotton ?
And also d&b arena/dogs on acid and a bunch of cut's for the digital downloads.
A thounsand tunes I could of used but loads never made it to digital and a big sort it out to big labels for recording their back cat off vinyl.

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