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Mar 29, 2009

- 97 releases including a few hip hop classics thrown in as well
- Including tracks by Hazard, Taxman, Clipz, Original Sin, TC, Subfocus, Chase n Status, Dirtyphonics etc...
- All used but in good condition

check it out:


In alphabetical order:

Adele - Hometown Glory (High Contrast remix)
Baron - Drive in Drive by
Blame - Stay Forever/ Strikeforce
Brockie and Ed Solo - Represents (Chase and Status Remix)/ Turntable 1 (Bengal remix)
Callide - Down to Business/ Meltdown VIP
Chase and Status - Hurt you/ Sell me your soul
Clipz - Hold tight/ Kung fu
Clipz - New generation
Clipz - Rubbish/ Push it up
Crissy Criss ft skibbadee - Tika Tok
Crystal Clear vs Cabbie - Street Hawk/ Cold Blooded (promo)
Culture Shock - Third Stage EP
DC Breaks - Taken/ Come Closer (promo)
Dead Prez - Hip Hop
Die and Clipz- Work it out/ Number 1 (Roni size remix)
Diesel boy - The Descent
Dillinja – Diggin in Ya Crates EP
Dirty Harry - Gun Fingers/ Fuck Headquarters
Dirty phonics - Quarks EP
DJ Complex - Decisions/ Zero
DJ Fresh - Escape from Planet Monday EP
DJ Fresh - Floodlight/ Tomb Raider
DJ Fresh - Nervous (Sub Focus Remix)
DJ Fresh - Submarines (Pendulum Remix)
DJ Hazard and D Minds - Mr happy/ Super drunk
DJ Hazard - Busted/ 0121 (Picture disc)
DJ Hazard - Machete Bass EP
DJ Krust - Warhead (Tc remix/ Maintain (Tc remix)
DJ Krust - Warhead/ Check Dis out
DJ Pleasure - Bounty Hunter/ Dj rusty- Mustang fastback
DJ Shadow - Mashin on the Motorway
DJ Sly - Twilight Zone/ You got the nerve
Double Zero - Slut/ The feeling (promo)
Drumsound and Bassline Smith - Killa Dj
Ebony Dubsters - Ra (Original Sin remix)
Ed rush and Optical - Pacman (Ram trilogy remix)
Eddie K - Stink box/ My sound
Fabulous - Breath
Foreign Beggars - Hold on/ Frosted Perspex’s
Freestylers feat Pendulum - Painkiller remixes
Future Prophecies - Roof is on fire
G Dub - Beast city ep
G Dub - Beast city original sin VIP/ forever original sin VIP (promo)
G Dub - Les Miserable’s ep
G Dub - Yeti Muncher / Logan D – Fish Monger (promo)
High Contrast - Basement track
House of pain - Jump Around
J Majik and Wickaman - U Disgust me VIP
Jaydan - Felony/ Crank
London Electricity - The Strangest secret in the world.
Lynx - Disco Dodo/ Wander
Modified Motion and Faction - Magic man/ Steezin for no reason
Modified Motion - Searchin/ That isn’t enough (promo)
Monoman - Dirty games (G dub remix)
Moving Fusion - Turbulence/ Origin unknown - Sound in motion
Nicky Blackmarket - Crank
Nightwalker - Promos ft Dangerous/ Wonky Eyed Lesbian
Nightwalker - Shape Shifter/ U don’t know
Noisia and Mayhem ft KRS1 - Exodus
Noisia - Facade VIP
Noisia - Facade/ Noisia and Mayhem- Moonway renegade
Original Sin - D for danger/ Decibel
Original Sin - Don’t be silly/ Cheater Cheater (promo)
PA and Mutated Forms - Hitback/ ill
Pendulum - Hold your Colour ( Bipolar vocal remix)
Pendulum - Painkiller
Pendulum – Tarantula/ Fasten your Seatbelt
Plan B - No good (Chase and status remix)
Scratch Perverts - Stand by
Shimon - Shadow Knows EP
Shy FX and T Power - Diary of a Digital Soundboy EP
Shy FX and T Power - Feelings
Shy FX and t power - Shake your body
Soul pride – Babylon/ Crank
Sub focus - Special Place/ Druggy
Sub focus - X ray/ Scarecrow
Sub focus - Flamenco/ Airplane
Switch Technique - The Persecutor/ Future prophecies- Wonderland VIP
Taxman and Heist - Frequency scale/ Equinox
Taxman - Original ninja/ the circle
Taxman - Scan Darker/ Badboy danger
Taxman - Too bad VIP/ Electric blue
Taxman - Unreal/ I dreamt music
TC - Evolution EP
TC - Jump / Flatline.
TC - Old Texaco Garage VIP/ Driver (promo)
TC - Rock star/ Game over (promo)
TC – Where’s my money (Clipz remix)/ Drink (Xample remix)
TC – Where’s my money/ Deep (Roni size remix)
The Force - Dropzone
The Force - Something out there/ Hitman (promo)
The Roots - Don’t feel right
Total Science - Nosher/ Squash
Tribe of Issachar - Wardance Serial Killaz remix
Twisted individual - Hand Grenade (Clipz remix)
Zinc - Drop Beats not Bombs EP
Zinc - In Bass we trust EP
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