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Hey everyone, long time no post! Hope you're all good! :wave:

Please take a minute to listen to an old Aftershock Radio set of mine from 2005, features a variety of styles/tunes from '97 thru to '05...something for everyone in there!



'The Price' - Ill Logic & Raf (Hospital)
>>> 'Tomb Raider' - Fresh (Breakbeat Kaos)
'Trouble' - Scorpio (V)
'Watermelon' - Ed Rush & Optical (V)
'Kingpin' - Total Science (CIA)
'Blaze It Down' - Dillinja (Valve)
'Friday' - Capone (Hardleaders)
'Hellbilly' - Baron (CIA)
'Watching Windows' - Die remix (Talkin' Loud)
'Fluid' - Dillinja (Test)
'Vessel' - Universal Project (Virus)
'Dublate' - Total Science remix (CIA)
>>> 'Nosher' - Baron remix (Advanced)
'Death Threat' - Keaton & Hive (Violence)
'Junglist' - Twisted Individual remix (Technique)
'Love Story' - B Key remix (White)
'Freenote' - Zinc (Tru Playaz)
'Free My Soul' - SKC (Hospital)
'Voyager' - Pendulum (Breakbeat Kaos)
'26 Bass' - Roni Size (Full Cycle)
'Papua New Guinea' - High Contrast remix (White)
'Warp' - Trinity (Chronic)
'The One' - Mampi Swift (Charge)
'Metal Gear' - Footmasters (Mix n Blen)
'Never Can Tell' - I Kamanchi (Full Cycle)
'Portugal' - Entity (Intercom)
'Uncovered Funk' - D Kay & Mat (Brigand)
'Sounds of Freedom' - Digital (CIA)
'Grunge 3' - Dieselboy, Karl K & Kaos remix (Human Imprint)
'Squash VIP' - Total Science (CIA Ltd)
'Phantom Force' - Digital & Spirit (Phantom Audio)
'The Code' - Future Cut remix (Renegade Hardware)
'Sidewinder' - Special Forces (Photek)
'Cutslo' - Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce (Prototype)
'Falling Down' - Rekoil (Invader)
'Twist' - Ray Keith remix (Urban Takeover)
'Raygun' - Spirit (Function)
'Side Effects' - Kraken (Underfire)
'Structure' - Gridlok & Echo (Violence)
'The Plague' - Keaton & Hive (Renegade Hardware)
>>> 'The Nine' - Bad Company (Bad Company)
'Fade II Black' - Souljah (Movement)
'G-Man' - Digital (Timeless)
'What You Sayin?' - Capone (Test)
'Everyman' - Subflow remix (Azuli)
>>> 'Red Light' - St Cal (Soul:R)
'Werewolf' - The Upbeats (BC Presents)

Thanking you kindly :gang_bang