96-99 (ish) Mix


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Dec 10, 2003
Kent, u.k
Ez all
Someone asked me about this mix a week or 2 ago and i dug it out and re uploaded it
Thought id stick it up on here:
i did the mix about 2/3 years ago it think

red 1 - strangled duck
johnny l & optical - viper
outa dynamics - bass control
iq collective - transmissions
optical - shinning rmx
optical - shape the future rmx
bad company - 4 days
ram trilogy - human future
die - drop bear
scorpio - li li
die - clear skyz
ed rush & optical - medicine rmx
dillinja - test 3
origin unknown - cause n effect
origin unknown - trully 1
ed rush & optical - funktion
nasty habbits - shadow boxing
shimon & andy c - recharge
roni size - only a dream
roni size - its jazzy
shy fx - pandoras box
origin unknown - sound in motion
johnny l - see red
brockie & ed solo - reprezents
ram trilogy - titan
usual suspects - lilla bees
shimon & andy c - nightflight
swift - hi tek
bad company - the pulse
andy c - roll on


part 2 : http://www.musicv2.com/v2/media_download.php?m=39488

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Jan 24, 2008
Lookin heavy Fusion!! Well gutted tho forgot to bring my headphones into work so can't listen to now!! Will d/l later!! Nice one mucker!


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Jul 28, 2008
Listening to it now and there are soo many tunes, that deserve a rewind EVERY time you hear them!!! Love the Origin unknown tunes. Not all about 31 seconds!!

Nice set. Keep it up.

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