'94 Oldskool Track - Please Help!!


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Jan 6, 2009
Hey everyone, i've heard this tune on several old tapes/sets and i've not been able to find the name of it anywhere (no tracklisting is available on the internet of the set either!)

It's an oldskool hardcore track from '94 and the beat throughout the song samples the beat from Krome & Time's "Ganja Man" (it has added uplifting vocals and pianos in it though!)

I've found it on a DJ Pilgrim set on YouTube, it's the track that gets mixed in at around 6:00 after "Original Nuttah". If anyone is able to ID the track for me, i'd be most grateful!

Here is the YouTube video, thanks in advance!


Mate, thank you SOOOO much for ID'ing that tune for me!

I've always been familiar to the AA side of this tune "Everybody Can Be" but never knew that this bad boy was on the flip side to it!! Indeed, it is a great track - it's up there with "Visions Of Light" another quality tune by Higher Level!

Thanks again dude, really appreciate it!

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