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looking for a track I would guess is from around 95/96 but could be later

1st clue: not 100% sure but I think the artist was 2 people i.e. 'someone' & 'someone'

2nd clue: track was fairly epic, over 6 minutes, maybe 7, maybe even 8

3rd clue, track had an eastern/oriental vibe, if that makes sense. pretty sure it had amens. wasn't choppy ragga type jungle though, more like a big deep downtempo-ish track. but quite intense, not chillout.

4th Clue. it kind of sounds similar to big bud - darker than blue (only audio I could find: http://www.beatport.com/track/darker-than-blue-original-12-mix/4101092 ), except it's heavier.

stab in the dark I know, but any ideas welcomed. I will know it if I hear it again
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