9 Original New DJ Midnite tracks

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    Im just getting back into the flow of producing but let me know what you think so far.

    All Midnite Originals :

    MC GQ sampled for this track
    "Next Chapter" - http://www.djmidnite.com/nextchapter.mp3

    Classic Hiphop influenced track
    "Rock the House" - http://www.djmidnite.com/rock.mp3

    If you liked the movie "one missed call" you might get a kick out of this because I used the melody that is the deadly ringtone from the horror movie. Once you get this call you might not see tomorrow....
    you can listen here:
    "The End" - http://www.djmidnite.com/theend.mp3

    Heres the first draft for a ragga dub remarc style track I'm working on :
    "Move out" - http://www.djmidnite.com/moveout.mp3

    I grew up in the 80's so i thought back when i created this one.
    Enjoy "Gamer" - http://www.djmidnite.com/gamer.mp3

    Yes my love for horror movies has leaked into my production work again. If you've seen evil dead listen to this. "Necronomicon" - http://www.djmidnite.com/necronomicon.mp3

    Orchestra type track I created for piece of mind
    "Presha" - http://www.djmidnite.com/presha.mp3

    I made this track with a 70's Cop show in mind. Enjoy
    "Informant" - http://www.djmidnite.com/informant.mp3

    Why wait til 2012 to make contact
    "Contact" - http://www.djmidnite.com/contact.mp3