9/17 Motion Chicago, IL



Etc. TECHNOlogies/Lumia/Proper Productions
Tampa, FL

1AM – 3AM

Don't miss this exclusive chance to witness the innovative performance by Equation as The "Equation 2005 Tour" makes a stop here in Chicago. The duo’s performance will feature MC MTHMTX (Theatrical performer and vocalist), as he will be incorporating his creative stage show and wild style of visually stimulating costumes and digitally enhanced vocals with real time synth filtered effects. All while the lovely Drea pumps out a high energy mix of multi-genre Progressive Electronic Dance Music.. Truly talented with her programming skills, and a wicked ear for music that reflects directly upon her track selection. Drea will take you on an aural journey through the music aspect of the show. This talented Diva sets the tempo and never lets up as the set progresses to extreme levels. She and Math will show you how they put a whole new meaning to a DJ/MC set! The Equation experience will create a dance filled frenzy that is sure to rock the joint and set your body in MOTION. With Drea in the mix and the performance by MC MTHMTX you’ll be sure to be blown away with an overwhelming display of vocal sound effects, video projections, and a cast of local talented dancers who will participate in the stage show., Equation will create a powerful atmosphere that will leave you wanting more!! The 2005 tour performance promises to give a taste of what to expect from "EQUATION" as they fine tune the upcoming LIVE PA act!!! Immediately following the Equation show catch the hard driving DJ set of DJ MathematiX as he will be droppin’ the dark styles of Drum ‘n’ Bass and Progressive NuSkool Breaks. Armed with an arsenal of exclusive dubs and some of his original tracks.

*****FREE GIVEAWAYS!!!!!*****during the Equation performance from Equation and Tour sponsors; System Recordings, Rinse Mag and more!!

Sonic Groove

12AM – 1AM

In his DJ performances and track production, Adam X's sound is best described as hard, EBM and industrial inspired dance-floor techno & electro. Adam X penetrates, educates and infuses his audience with a real energy, often drawing from dark & sexual themes, through the mastery of the electronic music medium he has gained from a prolific career. Adam got started in NYC in the early '90s -an era of a burgeoning grass-roots music and club culture, which he himself had contributed to. In his career, Adam X has performed alongside artists such as Aphex Twin, Surgeon & Joey Beltram, and lately, the likes of Terence Fixmer/Douglas Mccarthy and Andrew Weatherall. He's performed at thousands of events, raves and club nights globally including Mayday, Love Parade, DEMF, and Fabric. Adam's list of solo commercial releases and collaborative projects on CD and vinyl is equally impressive. A few of the many labels Adam has released music under are Wax Trax-TVT (Mastermix Series Vol. 2), Instinct Records (Adam X 'On the 1 and 2'), Oliver Chesler's Things To Come Label (Sensory Deprivation) and many projects on his own aforementioned label, Sonic Groove. Adam currently has a chameleonic approach to his artistry, playing at Industrial events like Maschinenfest in Germany, to playing famous techno clubs the next night like Rex Club in Paris. His own productions also combine the two genres, containing elements of both in a single track.

SHUGGA b2b EVA(aka Evil Bunnie)
BOTZ/Native-Instruments/Temple of Boom/H2O/GrapeyBaby/Grooveriders
Los Angeles, CA

11PM – 12AM

Raized on the East, reprezentin’ the West, These Bitchez on Da Switchez are a combination like no other! No need for Drugz here when Shuggaz nastee NuSkool & Eva’s evil electro tear through the speakerz and and shred yo brain like nothing you’ve ever experienced! Shuggaz been tearing it up worldwide for 8 years with Caffeine, Funk Dawg, Satellite NY, now Native, and Temple of Boom and Eva’s ripping up the underground scene in LA like no other! Get ready to be rocked by the two of the sickest Breakz djs you will ever know! YOU WERE WARNED! Be on the look out for BOTS (Bitches on the Switches) blowing up a club near you! ;)

Psycho The Irrational Kidd
Irrational Mob Mentality/Gold Coast Multimedia/Funkilinium
Flint, MI

10PM – 11PM

Expect the unexpected. One of the most wildly unpredictable DJs that you will ever lay your eyes and ears upon. Psyc, a 24-year veteran of the turntables (and former Midwest scratch champ), recently gave up staying in one area because he believes that "if it's on vinyl, it's fair game". He also plays with FUNKILINIUM, a 6-piece powerhouse funk band that has been getting a lot of attention from the majors lately. Be there to witness why Psycho has been called "the missing link between Jeff Mills and the Tazmanian Devil".

Weekend Warriors
Grand Rapids, MI

9PM – 10PM

Nicknamed "The Booty Queen," Naughtya mixes the nastiest tracks, ranging from Ghetto House, Ghetto Tech, Booty, to Old School Miami Bass...All served up naughty, BUTT nice.


Nico Blue
616 - JUNGLE Dark Heart Republic
Jenison, MI

2AM – 3AM

Nico has been spinning drum-and-bass for around 3 years in Grand Rapids, MI. From dancy to dark, soft to hard, he is known for his impressive track selection and guaranteed to have you moving all night long. Bring your body and he'll bring the bass.

John Johr
Cave DJs/Input<>Output | Detroit, MI | Techno

1AM – 2AM

This cat comes with the heart of a lion, the track selection of a supreme master and the mixing techniques that only Detroit can bring. John has been putting together one of the more premier nights for electronic music in Detroit for some time now (input<>output), and is now beginning to spread his wings outside of the D. Prepare to have your head bashed in.

Ryan H. and CL8NC
Division Underground
Bangin House/Tag Team Collaboration

12AM – 1AM

Straight from the Minneapolis massive, these tactical dechnicions provide a synergy between the electronic weaponry and the dance floor you don't want to miss.Together, these 2 D's will bring an arsenal of wax fresh of the press, molded with the Underground's 12" House classics.

(hard/dark/aggressive drum & bass, Kalamazoo, MI)

11PM – 12AM

This turntable assassin was born with a wide variety of skill and precision. His name is the epitome of his raw style which encompasses the full spectrum of drum & bass music, but you really should leave your silver bullets at home, cause this guy is definitely known for bringing it dark enough for the vampires...

Dj Roll
Race of Reaction/True Family Unit /C9 Records
- DnB, Hip Hop, Trip Hop
Champaign, IL

10PM – 11PM

Roll has been producing for 6 years, blending a steady mix of hip hop jungle and scratching About a year ago roll finally decided to take up the 1200's, deeming jungle as his weapon of choice. Having played along side the likes of Danny the Wild Child, True Family Unit, as well as fellow Race of Reaction peers, the last year has been a bombshell of productivity. Boasting a wide variety of tracks and one (of many) vinyl releases his sound will leave you, rollin, rollin.

Max Jerome
Irrational Mob Mentality | UKG/2step
Flint, MI

9PM – 10PM

Looks can be decieving. Max Jerome doesn't look the part of the funky get-down artist that rocks all points of UK Garage, but let him loose on the decks......and watch the bassbins react. He's been studying the Garage scene since 1997, and is a walking encyclopedia of all things UKG. Come witness the sound of the Bwoi them call Max J.....and see why he's top choice.....


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Presales are $15

It will $20 ATD all night.

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due to personal issues Spektrum and Psycho the Irrational Kid will not be at Motion.

We have replaced Spektrum's spot with Chicago's very own:

Cartel, Almost Famous Chicago, IL
Having been in the game for 6+ years Brad is no stranger to the scene. Drawing from the likes of Terry Mullan, Nigel Richards and Angel Alanis, which means he knows about that TechFunk. Having recently opened for Adam X, Brad bounces those heads by switching back between Techno and House. With his past residency at Heat, his slot at Relapse, and being one half of the driving force behind the Cartel he is a very busy guy. This is some home grown talent that you don't want to miss.