8K Soundsystem and lighting rig for sale

Im moving to Belarus soon and there is absolutely no chance of me being able to afford shipping my pride and joy soundsystem over there. Its been well looked after and never been overpowered due to the fact I actually need 1 (maybe 2 more) amps to power it to its full potential.

The basic spec is : 2 huge bassbins, 4 midrange speakers and 2 monitors (well I use them as monitors but they are powerful speakers in there own right)

Im based in Southampton and due to the size of all this lot it would require a van.

The full spec :

ACK (i think) BASSBINS

<< similar model

2 x Bass-midrange speaker: 15inch
Power rating: 1200W (800W RMS) each
Impedance: 4 / 8 Ohm
Frequency range from 35Hz
SPL (1W/1m): 95Db
Admiss. ambient temp: 0-40 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D) 600 x 900 x 600mm


2 x Omnitronic PA Speakers DX 2222 1000w each
2 x 1000 Watts Max Power - (2 x 500 Watts RMS) with powerful sound pressure
2 Tiers
3-Way system
2 x 12"/30 cm powerful bass and optional Subbass
Stable wood housing with scratch resistant black felt covering
Compact speaker – fits into a regular sized car
Ideal for mobile discos or for permanent installation


2 x Kam PA Speakers 500 Watt rms
1000 Watts Max Power - (2 x 500 Watts RMS)
12“/30 cm bass
Wood housing with blue felt covering


<< similar model

Frequency Response : 80Hz > 20Khz
SPL (1w -1m) Max SPL : 94/118dB
Power Handling ~ Continuous : 300W
Power Handling ~ Programme : 600W
Impedance (nominal) : 8 Ohm
Crossover Frequency : 3.5Khz
1" Compression Driver
12" Powertone driver
Jack Connections


1 x Carlsbro Powerline 300

* 2 x 85W @ 8Ohm - 2 x 150W @ 4Ohm
* Signal To Noise Ratio : >95dB
* Sensitivity/Input Level : 1.228v
* THD 1Khz : <0.5%
* Frequency Response : 10Hz > 20KHz
* Unbalanced Jack Inputs
* Peak LED
* Speakon Outputs
* Fully protected against short circuit, DC fault & thermal overload
* 115/230v ~ 50/60Hz voltage selector
* 2RU
* Dimensions (HxWxD)mm : 85 x 482 x 235v
* Weight : 8kg

1 x Skytec AMP-2000

* Wattage 2 x 1000W
* Weight : 14kg
* Dimensions : 482 x 132 x 380 mm
* Impedance in ohms : Greater than 10 K Ohms
* Total Harmonic distortion : Under 0.5%
* Signal to noise ratio : Greater than 98 dB
* Number of Channels : 2


1 x T-Bar stand
2 x KAM DMX Lazers (Green)
2 x Soundlab sound activated lights
1 x Smoke machine

With a total value as follows then im looking for a reasonable offer :

bassbins : £400 each
omnitronic midranges : £100 each
kam midranges : £80 each
carlsbro speakers : £70 each
carlsbro amp : £150
skytec amp : £200

Lighting rig stand : £30
2 lazers : £120 each
2 lights : £20 each
Smoke machine : £20

Total value : £1840

Give me a reasonable offer and will see what we can do. Is possible to separate but would be splitting something that works well together really

Email : mx@krisisdnb.com

Email or pm me for more details
hi mate, most people classify there soundsystems in there maximum output which for mine is 8k. If your goin for rms then by adding up the rms on each speaker then its 3.8k rms and yeah as i said ideally the system needs at least 2 more 1000w amps to power it fully and a 2 way crossover to split the bass, mid and treble instead of it all going through the same feed.

Thats something i have always wanted to do but its just more cash really that i didnt have at the time and to be honest it works and performs fine as it is for a medium size venue which is all i needed it for currently.

If your seriously interested then add me on msn and i can tell u more about it and anything else u need to know

MX (Malcs)