89-92 Hardcore rave mix

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    Mar 25, 2006
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    1. Technotronic Pump up the jam Swanyard Records
    2. Incognita violence Chill
    3. 2 Mad don’t hold back the feeling Big Life
    4. Rhythm + spice come together White
    5. Digital exitation Dream Party HPF records
    6. Excel D Thunder White
    7. Renegade Soundwave Biting my nails Mute records
    8. Brainstorm Strange attraction R + S records
    9. Love revolution I feel it Promo
    10.T.P.L.C Live at the g spot Import records
    11.T.T.O Untitled Black label
    12.Bad traffic forever changing moods White
    13.Directional force Forever R+ S records
    14.Turntable hype Set u free Go Bang
    15.Potential Hazard Hazardous club City Limits
    16.Hydrowave Artline Private Beats
    17.Sub bass Asylum Hardware
    18.Speedy J Evolution Plus 8 records


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