8. 3 Wompaholics Social Club

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    8. 3 Wompaholics Social Club | NYC


    The calm before the storm, fun fueled ramblings reminiscing the bass face mischief of the weekend before. A mind bending movie to a soundtrack of everything amazing. Come lose yourself and find yourself in the process..........


    Featured Movie - Quadrophenia

    Lineup -

    Salmon McFarlane
    (Founder of Konkrete Jungle making a very rare appearance behind the decks)

    Joro Boro
    (Balkan beats/Gypsy funk connoisseur)

    Barney Iller & Shakey
    (Underground brooklyn's finest)

    (Swapping the mic for an excursion into 2 step garage)

    Valerie Molano
    (Hot beats, classy Lady NUFF SAID!)

    Colonel Mustard
    (Buckle your seatbelt Dorothy, Kansas is about to go bye bye)

    Ridiculous drink specials all night!

    LIKE THIS PAGE - http://www.facebook.com/pa​ges/Wompaholics-Social-Clu​b/248645915147937
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