75 Backpack Bangers (1994-2001)

Recently Complex posted up a list of 75 Tunnel bangers per one of it’s regular DJ’s Cipha Sounds. The Tunnel was a NY club that existed at a time where the underground and the mainstream could still interact with each other and the NYC underground Hip Hop scene was at it’s zenith. You could play street shit in this club & it would get a response like it was a club jam. That will never, ever happen again.

The real reason this post was created was because perusing the list of the 75 greatest Tunnel bangers there were at least 30 of those jawns that underground Hip Hop heads, later referred to as “backpackers” absolutely abhored. Don’t get me wrong, a fair amount of the Complex list brought back some great memories. The thing is a fair amount of the same list brought back memories of me playing a steady diet of Cannibal Ox, Rubberoom, K-Otix, Jigmastas, Five Deez, Cunninglynguists, Atmosphere & Athletic Mic League to combat the bullshit I heard on the radio.

Also, “backpackers” were oddly enough, largely perceived by mainstream fans as a collective of space rapping nerds & cornballs when in actuality we were the reason they instituted dress codes in clubs in the first place. To keep our rowdy asses out & help prevent violence. I always heard shit about how there were no underground street records, whenever someone said that I instantly knew they had no idea what they were talking about. In any event, here are my 25 picks out of hundreds of possible choices amongst my favorite backpack bangers of the Tunnel Era (1994-2000):



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Got a lot of the songs already, but plenty I haven't.

And more importantly, loads I haven't heard in aaaaages.

I'll have my computer working again soon, and I'll give your beats a check.