Multi Genre 70 minute (320kbps) Future Jungle/Nu Skool/Old Skool mix.

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    Hi guys, I recently did a new mix which is the style I'll be playing at Dreamscape on 26th May. Starting off with some killer Future Jungle tunes then mashing up between old and new hardcore/jungle to hopefully create a banger of a mix. Please give it a listen and feel free to comment and share. Hope you like it!


    Spirit Song 2012 (Toronto is Broken)
    Killasound (Freestylers)
    Brothers & Sisters (601)
    Ruff Beats (Phantasy & Gemini)
    Really Livin (Structural Damage)
    Amadeus (Kleptomania)
    Bombscare remix (DJ Nee)
    Someday (Stormski & Bobski forthcoming)
    Soothe My Soul (Justice)
    Heaven (Pyramid refix)
    Life (D'Cruze)
    Xtremity remix (DJ Nee)
    Nee Business (DJ Nee)
    Above the Clouds (Vibes & Wishdokta remix)
    Finest Illusion (Illegal mix)
    Madness (Freestyle & DJR)
    Ghetto People remix (Static Substance)
    Renegade Snares (Omni Trio)
    Can't Stop the Rush 93 remix (Tango)
    Destiny (Essence of Aura)
    Even Further Intrigue (Tango & Fallout)
    Ten 44 (Freestyle & DJR)
    In Effect (Mike Slammer & Red Alert)
    Universe 1 (Dave Charlesworth)
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    I hope this is a good as it looks! comment later Mr Flow :)

    Yeah this was mint! really really enjoyed it, only new one track to be fair, but exactly what i expected it to be so f**king great
    can tell the new-skool tracks from the sounds. very enjoyable and really tight mix too
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