7 Unknown Classic '97 Tech-step DnB Tunes


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Jan 25, 2002
Mantis...Are you the guy who did the Valley of the Shadows remix?

I got a vinyl that is a new version, with Mantis Strikes as the title...

Oh well...

I'll have a listen to these when no-one's watching the TV, try and get some ideas for ya
I haven't produced any music before... I call myself Mantis because I'm a BIG collector of Kung Fu Movies and Praying Mantis is my favourite style I like to watch..

Please have a go at identifying those tunes. They are not rare, or anything. I used to hear them being caned on the radio because they are classics.. Anyone who's followed the internet DnB scene back in 97 should have a good idea on the identity of these tunes..

Let me know how you get on.


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