7 Music & Art Areas In Underground Rave In Vilnius (All In Acid!)


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Feb 16, 2016
On March 11th walls of post-soviet meat factory “Vilniaus mėsa” will be dedicated to test national creativity!

This event is the unique chance to see and feel the “Acid” existence in music & Art. 6 music spaces will be filled with artists from the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Finland, Belarus and Germany. Analog Techno stage will be dedicated for hardware livesets only! Transcendental space - more pleasant and warmer for your soul. Want harder? Break & Hard stage with acid flavour is waiting for you! Ambient producers are going to fill Chill space, Dub & Reggae artists - Recreational space. Minimalistic wonders at Miracles stage with miracles.lt, minimal.lt and Hooked On teams. Temporary art galleries, handicrafts, clothing and accessories shops at Gallery and Market space. Gaps of warehouse will be filled with dance / fire performances and installations.

Dominating music style - Acid, which was influenced by synthesizers like Roland TB-303. First music genre - Acid house. It paved the way for Techno, Trance and a lot of other music subgenres. You will be able to see “Acid” elements in art and photography exhibition.

Let the walls of post-soviet meat factory be alive!

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/538507022971405/


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