.: 7/17.Dirtbox Radio #169.Dj Inna K,Jakarta,Phil Scott,Grimm Reeper :.

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    .: 7/17.Dirtbox Radio #169.Dj Inna K,Jakarta,Phil Scott,Grimm Reeper :.

    This week Dirtbox Radio brings you an onslaught of heavy beats from some of DC's finest. To set the night off proppa, Grimm Reeper will be showing you faces of death. Next we have Jakarta of the ~soon to be legendary~ Headhunterz Inc.! Expect hard, metal edged tunes and dubs for days from this local guru. Following him will be the lovely and talented Inna K. This queen of Russian percussion is bursting with energy and her sets reflect it! Then at 12 we have a very special treat. Phil Scott will be blessing us with a rare appearance, tune in and help us welcome home one of the original Dirtbox pimps. Afterhours will be pushed back to allow for this special performance, but the late night antics and debauchery will begin at 1! Dirtbox Radio...you know you want it ;)

    click here in case flyer is smooshed.

    08:30pm EST - Grimm Reeper
    10:00pm EST - Jakarta
    11:00pm EST - DJ Inna K
    12:00pm EST - Phil Scott
    1:00am EST - Afterhours

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