7/13-15: OPTIV/KRYTERIA/GEIN- USA Outdoor Event!

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    Washington, D.C.
    Lunchbox Entertainment
    Bad Moral Character & Digital Conspiracy Presents:
    **A Mid-Summers Night's Rave Massive 2**
    @The Cove Campgrounds Gore, VA USA
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/348568588494713/
    -OPTIV (New Album Release Celebration!)
    -DStar aka Down Jones
    -Ham Bears
    -Siamese Cyborgs
    -Jay Shock/electrocute
    -CJ Weaver
    -Digital Mizchief
    -Deejay Thunder
    -C Level
    -Jeff Cee
    -DJ RUHL
    -Charlie Rave
    -Ron Delay
    -DJ Conduktor
    -Red Hat
    -Krazy Josifer
    -Level One
    -Bella Bounce/ JDastardly
    -Miss Behave
    -Toby Down
    -Illapse & Marsha Law?
    -Patrick Currier
    -Ill Omen
    -Matt Acree
    -Twizm b2b Jynx

    ** This event is 18+**
    **Plur n ROAR in effect**
    **Clean up after yourself, this is a legit campsite..not just some field**
    **Party cautiously, as you will be attending at your own risk**
    **Treat others as you would like to be treated**

    Mud Wrestling Hosted by the R.I.O.T Girls!

    Slip n' Mudslide!
    (And no worries, there is a lake as well as running water to get cleaned up. : ) )

    80 Minutes from Washington, DC
    150 Minutes from Baltimore
    180 Minutes from Richmond

    In order to be considered for an LBX Event please send demo/mixes & info to Lunchbox@LBXent.com

    Ticket Info:
    4/1-30/2012 TIER 1 $55/2-Day and $37/SAT
    5/1-31/2012 TIER 2 $60/2-Day and $40/SAT
    6/1-30/2012 TIER 3 $65/2-Day and $43/SAT
    DOOR PRICE JULY $70/2-Day and $45/SAT

    **There are cabins available as well**

    The Cove site:

    Presales available now!
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