63 TUNES IN 30 MINS 4 DECK MIX BIG!!!!!!!!


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Jan 24, 2010
Ez People.
Here's a lil mix I did using 2 cdj 1000s and 2 technics 1210s. I used cds and vinyl for this mix. The next mix I do I will be using Traktor scratch so hope too do even better. I hope you will take the time too have a listen let me know what you think. Please keep all comments constructive :P. Below are the 3 links too watch the video and a download link for the full set. Any comments or questions post them on the video page and I will try answer them for ya. Hoffy.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UorWTmzXKg part 1
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxqqj_ATuNA part 2
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hb-ZPDG4cQY part 3



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Jan 24, 2010
these 4 deck mixes boggle my mind
i don't know how the heck you can keep everything on beat and keep track of everything

It's not easy mate and I didn't do this first time. Sometimes you forget what tunes playing and you lift up the wrong needle or stop the wrong cdj. It takes a few tries to programme your brain to stop it from doing any of that. Then you have to remember the drop the tune straight away because if you forget and your busy beat matching and forget to swap the vinyl you gotta start again lol. I hope you enjoy the mix the next mix I do will have more variety so watch out for that. Here's a track listing.
Full Tracklisting
Majistrate spiral,
clipz offline vip,
bad vip slum dogz,
loadstar link too the past,
modified motion charges,
original sin 8 figure bass,
jaydan driller killer,
pleasure bounty hunter,
hazard platinum shadows,
spin doc sub zero,
hazard psychadelic,
original sin and taxman casino,
fleshwound g dub remix,
warning distorted minds remix,
sub zero trick of technology,
jaydan your nightmare,
origin right now,
sly very dark,
gp wu bomb threat,
sub zero motion,
modified motion searchin,
pendulum voodoo people,
pleasure venger 2010 mix,
swedish house mafia one netsky remix,
taxman evasion remix,
sigma front too back original sin remix,
heavy hittaz vampires,
doctor p sweet shop camo and krooked remix,
dirty harry western riddim,
mampi swift one finger,
dj ss we came too entertain sub zero remix,
distorted minds t-10 original sin remix,
dj hazard machete,
dirty harry meat bubbles,
dub peddla shooting blanks 2009 mix,
dub peddla the fuck up 2009 mix,
dj pleasure in the dark,
clipz push it up,
pleasure and origin the fear,
modified motion now more than ever,
majistrate deconstruction,
prestige and nik itch rephrase that,
distorted minds and dj hazard ho bass vip,
roni size windrush heist remix,
freeland under control tc remix,
dj sly bastard,
dj pleasure d- day,
bright lights dj die rockers mix,
bill the kid the oz,
dj rowney wanker tactics,
cue afraid,
rusk hold on sub focus remix,
taxman look what you've done,
sub zero dodge city,
dj sly the hypnotist,
pleasure sarsaparilla kid,
pleasure weapons of power,
steppa and kitcha nitty gritty,
pleasure tick fa tack,
original sin therapy,
spor aztec,
nero energy vip,
chase and status music club.


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Jun 15, 2007
Sick, I hate jump up but I watched the lot of them I'd like to see you mix it up a bit an play some other sub genres
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