DnB 60 minutes of Halftime DnB (DBR Uk / Skeptical / Dub Phizix / Dom & Roland etc.)


Jul 4, 2011
I'm loving the halftime sound at the moment, so I thought I'd play around and make a mix. First one I've ever uploaded, so I'd love to hear some feedback, tips etc. Hope you enjoy!

Oh, I nearly forgot, here's the tracklisting:

DBR UK - Charged
DBR UK - Agents
DBR UK - Troubled Soul
Cuelock - Depths
Alix Perez - The Observer
Dub Phizix - The Editor ft. Strategy
Ink - Fear Not
DBR UK & Marginal - Floating Tribe
Blocks & Escher - Shadow Play
Gappa G & Lucky B - Ubiquity
Dakosa - Unknown Quality
System - Observation Point
Skeptical & Dub Phizix - Silo
Enei - Ten Years
Dom & Roland - Raptor
Dom & Roland - Enforced
Optiv & Mark C4C - Substance Abuse
Unknown - King Coaster
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