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Mar 15, 2012

Digital Overload proudly presents the next instalment and shows no sign of slowing down with yet another epic release, this time featuring Drum and Bass legend ‘Sappo’!

Sappo - Forbidden Planet

Making his debut appearance on the label’ Sappo goes all out with a huge steppa called ‘Forbidden Planet’. Huge winding Sub Bass coupled with a distinctive broken beat complimented by clever adlibs, reece bass and fx. Whilst bringing a fresh new sound to the label its clear Sappo uses his in depth knowledge of music to incorporate the earlier sounds that make up the foundation of modern drum and bass!

Sappo - Dead Rising

Next up a super changed Dancefloor destroyer called ‘Dead Rising’. Presenting original bass lines so raw they could give you salmonella, driven by sharp shuffling breaks and distinctive vocal layers. Clever production from a producer who clearly understands what it takes to make high quality drum and bass.

So, get ready for the 5th release of Digital Overload, offering some of the freshest sounds in DnB from some of hottest producers!

Advance Dj Support Includes Serial Killer's, NickyBlackmarket and CabinFever amongst others

DOR005 - Release Date - 23RD April 2012

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