5th Element - 'Instinct rmxs' (Architecture)


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Mar 21, 2002
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The 5th Element - Instinct (Twisted Individual & Dom rmxs) (Architecture)

One of my favourite Architecture tunes gets a relick from three very different producers (Dillinja has also done one), but there is an undeniable quality in all of them.
Twisted's mix starts off with the sampled lyrics from the original, until soon enough, one of his trademark build-ups fades gradually in. Building up with the vocal, the tune mutates into an all-out jump-up affair, with his recognisable b-lines, given a sort of True Playaz feel, carrying the tune along throughout. From here on the use of the vocal is sparse, used only at the end of bars, where also the drum rolls sneak in! Nothing particularly new from probably the hottest producer at the moment, but as Im sure was intended, the tune is incredibly dancefloor-friendly, and is sure to hype many a crowd.
Dom's remix gets started with a more tech-y feel, with more of the vocal being used to emphasise the hip hop crossover feel. Soon a subtle amen comes out of nowhere, along with an absolutely massive b-line which is sure to rumble ya ribcage, played loud enough! This remix relies a lot more on the vocal to carry the tune, which is in no means a bad thing, as coupled with the bustling rhythym track makes for an urban sounding tune that is no doubt going to get the exposure it deserves.
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Nov 29, 2001
Yeah Mulla, bigups for that!

Im really feelin the Dillinja and Dom remixes.. Getting a little bored with that Twisted bline. That said, I bet it wont be long before he comes correct with a choon that takes my fancy :)
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