5ifty$ix K - Hardcore is Back, (vol 2) {real hard footwork jungle}

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    5ifty$ix K - Hardcore is Back, (vol 2) {real hard footwork jungle}


    A brand new footwork breakcore album, by 5ifty$ix K ! (dynastyshit.com)

    Well, the sequel is finally here. I'm really happy with how this one turned out. An unhealthy mixture of blood, sweat, and evil; all doused with meticulously chopped up beats and basslines. 'Ruthless,' is probably my favorite track on this one, so check that one out if you like.

    I sincerely hope this one hurts everybody's ears in the most pleasurable way imaginable. I feel like I've really figured out how to make some of the weird sounds that are floating around in my lunatic head. Though, naming tracks is still kind of a wonky procedure, to me. Ah well.

    Hope everyone digs the music, and I hope it gets a few fine folks out there to say, "Huh, this toxic mixture of footwork and breakcore isn't as bad as I thought..." Or, at very least, maybe the album will just make you feel sort of evil for about half an hour.