'54 Presents' with DJ FRESH & SIGMA (Breakbeat Kaos)

‘54 Presents’
DJ FRESH & SIGMA (Breakbeat Kaos)

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Saturday 27th March 2010 @ The Rhythm Factory, London

54 Presents are proud to be inviting you to what’s set to be one hell of a party as we welcome the boys from ‘Breakbeat Kaos’ down to rock the building. Yes yes, head honcho of 'Breakbeat Kaos', alongside Adam F, DJ Fresh will be showcasing one of his truly unforgettable dj sets. Breakbeat Kaos has launched some of the Drum and Bass scenes most successful artists including Pendulum, Chase and Status and The Brookes Brothers. Fresh has worked with artists ranging from Pet Shop Boys, DJ Shadow, Apollo 440 to Andy C, Grooverider and also held a working relationship with the Drum & Bass trio Pendulum. He was also responsible, as part of Bad Company, for 'The Nine' which is the current reigning best drum and bass track of all time, after winning the Drum and Bass Arena award three times consecutively. Fresh won the award for Best Drum and Bass producer in 2004. In 2009 Knowledge Magazine said ‘Perhaps DJ Fresh has been the biggest influence on drum and bass we’ve ever known’

Also coming along for the ride are 'Breakbeat Kaos' compatriots Sigma. They have recently been getting massive respect for their remix of ‘When the lights go off’ with Adam F. Sigma's acclaimed live sets have seen them move up the ranks of the DJ circuit in a relatively short space of time, playing at some of the most prominent events across Europe and the UK, including one of the largest drum and bass parties in the world in Russia, host to over 40,000 attendees. A recent nomination for best breakthrough dj at the Drum and Bass Awards and a sponsorship with Money Clothing, have helped to ensure that the Sigma star continues to rise.

Room two is to be hosted by 54 Dub who will soon be celebrating their first release on the label from June Miller. 54Music is a brand that has been establishing itself amongst underground music lovers worldwide. With a strong motto ‘One genre is never enough' they have decided to spread their wings and appreciate more styles of electronic music. 54Music Dub is their way of expressing love for all things related to Dubstep and Liquid Drum and Bass, with forthcoming releases from some of the hottest new talent in the scene including June Miller, Wascal, Eleven8, Asa, Pessimist and Spherix. 54Music Dub focuses on the future sound and the sound of now. So come and immerse yourself in all things Dub.

Info: jono@54london.com

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Interview with Sigma

• You guys seem to have risen through the ranks relatively quickly… When did you first start working together, and when (and what) was your first release?
We met at Uni in Leeds about 5 years ago, maybe 6… Lost count! Our first release was a rock anthem called Masai on charge recordings, mampi swifts label.

• How did you hook up and become a partnership?
I used to work in a record shop in Leeds and Wooz sometimes came in. It was love at first sight. We realised we both had many things in common such as fishing and car boot sales. So we embarked on living the dream and becoming drum n bass lurkers.

• Who was the first person in the scene to notice you and offer encouragement?
Mampi swift was the first person to pick up on what we were doing. I used to work at a DnB agency called Echo Location. That pretty much gave me direct links to everyone. Mampi came into the office one day and heard a few of our early rock masterpieces.

• How did you hook up with Adam F for the ‘Shut the Lights Off’ remix? And what was it like working in the studio with one of the pioneers and figureheads of DnB?
We heard the original mix of shut the lights off and realised the potential in doing a DnB edit of it. Adam really wanted to get involved and he brought loads of wkd ideas to the table. It only really took a few sessions to get sorted. It was one of those tunes that came together very quickly. Adam is great to work with, he’s a full on piss taker.

• As well as the BBK release, you have had a huge release on Hospital and your label Life Recordings is becoming renowned for dancefloor smashes…… What do you think makes your music stand out from the crowd?
Erm… it’s important to build tracks around a good sample. Every stand out tune needs something that’s going to make it stand out (obviously!!). All the biggest tunes we have done all have this in common. In order to get the big djs playing your tunes, the mix down on tracks needs to be on par with the likes of subfocus and Chas N divus. It’s taken a long time to get things sounding the way we want them to and we still feel we have a long way to go.

• Moving into your studio, can you give us a brief run through your kit list… Is it dominated by software or do you have any analogue hardware that defines your sound? What is the one piece of equipment/software you couldn’t live without?
All our kit is computer based. Obviously, analogue kit gives a certain warm sound, but we don’t use it. We run Cubase with a loads of vsts and vsti’s. These include… Sonnox, waves, massive, zeta. The blue, Sonalksis bundle etc etc We both have Mackie’s and run cubase on Quad core Pcs.

• How does your partnership work in the studio? How does a Sigma track come together from start to finish, do you have defined roles/strengths?
I make a killer cuppa coffee and wooz smashes it on the tea front.

• Your tracks always have a huge sound. Is there any advice you can give to producers looking to achieve that powerful mixdown? Do you write your tracks into a limiter and effectively master them yourselves?
Its important to try and keep a level mix as you work a tune. We often have the sonnox inflator on the mater out. We find this adds beef. We do not however do any post production mastering. Run the master out slightly into the red and voila….

• What have you been working on recently? What is your forthcoming release schedule?
We have a smelly Original sin rmx of Front to back that was going to be coming on Life, but it looks like it may be coming on BBK now. We have been toying with the idea of doing an EP for some time. There is a change that we will be releasing one fairy soon with BBK. Alongside that, we have a Vip of Paint it Black which is forthcoming on Hospital. And a colab 12 with Fresh that is coming on BBK later in the year. We haven’t forgotten about life, and we are sorting out the next 12 for that as we speak.

• You have a very busy DJ schedule at present. Do you play all your gigs b2b or do you play out solo to maximise the bookings?
We do both. Depends on the venue and if there is a double booking that night.

• Where are you going to be DJing over the next few months? Any highlights you are looking forward to?
We have a tour of the Americas! That will be our first time over there. A load of decent gigs in the UK too!

• What other artists are you feeling at the moment? And what tunes are you playing in all your sets?
Subfocus, Fresh, Spinline, Original Sin, Taxman etc Wait and see…..

• Could you give us a current top 5
- Fresh + Sigma - cylon (BBK)
- Spinline – run (Ram)
- Sigma – the jungle (BBK)
- Subfocus – Timewarp VIP (ram)
- Sigma - Front to Back ( OS RMX) (BBK)

• Finally, is there anybody you would like to give a shout to?
The ladies in our lives, our mums and girlfriends!! (Brownie points!!)