54 mins of heeavy jump up!


VIP Junglist
recorded a mix just grabbed tunes not planned theres is a few clangs but imo this is some of the heaviest jump up around!!! none of this screechy shit!!
have a listen, feedback, or fuck it, just leech :teeth:
bass maybe be a bit heavy, but thats how i like it!!

72mb - 192 kb/s


jayline - the mummy
>> heist - ambush vip
heist - gynorg
zen - full effect
taxman and heist - iced
tantrum? - diamonds are forever
jaydan - suicide
hazard - ho bass
ccdubs - all dat
pleasure - massacre
break - re-tech
dillinja - shiners
pleasure - runaway
the force - the story
serum - snakefist
hazard - big cat
pleasure - dawning
fresh - fantazia
plus 8 - wheel of fortune
serum - just a beat? ( maybe the flip of it dnt know the names)
alix perez - down the line
chase and status - informer