5 Years Of Addictive Behaviour LP - Feat. Scar, Fre4knc, Philth, Kyrist, Data 3, Wreckless...


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Nov 10, 2013

Buy - smarturl.it/Addictive5YearsLP

As we finish off an incredible year for Addictive Behaviour our last release of 2018 salutes 5 years since the label’s formation. Celebrating this proud milestone, we have curated a various artists LP featuring a host of our favourite producers from past and present.

To mark this occasion twenty-three fresh cuts have been laid down from a select roster of talented artists, some of which have played a pivotal role in sculpting the label’s foundations and some which will be play a huge part in the evolution of Addictive’s future soundscape.

You’ll find fresh remixes and VIP’s from the likes of Scar, Fre4knc & Kyrist. There’s debut appearances from Wreckless, Narrate & Sam Harris, Objectiv and D’TCH. And of course there are a number of tracks from regulars of the Addictive camp including Data 3, Invadhertz, Philth, Handra and many more. You’ll also find fourteen choice tracks selected from Addictive’s back catalogue, which showcase the label’s output over the past 5 years from producers that were a crucial part in the label’s development.

We’d like to thank all of you that have helped support our growing label in our first few years of inception. Big Up!
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